Views from….

the lake!

I cannot believe that today is April first and we actually went out and launched our little inflatable kayaks at Woodville today!   We left the house early this afternoon,  just after saving a sweet little Eastern Bluebird from our chimney! Yes, another one of those gorgeous little birds flew down the chimney.  This time, however, we heard it and took quick action to save it!

We heard the sound of scratching on the chimney pipe, just above the stove.  I immediately opened the little door on the new damperl we bought for the pipe this year. Sure enough, I saw tail feathers sitting in the little ledge at the right angle of the pipe.  Mark suggested getting a large clear trash bag after I said I thought the little bird could hop out through the door on the damper. 

We placed the open bag over the pipe, then I forced the little door open.  Soon, the bird’s tiny head was seen poking out the door.  Then it hopped through the door and into the garbage bag.  I quickly raced to the back door and after Mark and Michelle followed me outside,  I opened the bag and released the beautiful bird!  It flew right up onto a tree and sat for a bit, before flying off!  What an amazing rescue and what a smart little bird!  It had the sense to hop into the bag, saving us the work of having to disassemble the chimney pipe from the stove….then hoping we could corral the wee one outdoors!

Now, back to the lake!

The temperature rose today to mid-summer highs.  The sun was out with blue skies and everything was just so nice, we had to take out kayaks out for a spin on the lake!

As I paddled out, I couldn’t believe we were really on the lake!

As I got into my kayak right off the shore,  the water was cold, but bearable.  We worked our way across the lake to the other side and as I got overheated along the way, I splashed water on my arms. Yikes! That water felt as though it had come straight out of the freezer!  It was c-o-l-d!

Our journey today was slow and steady, since this was our maiden voyage for 2010.  We weren’t out too long, either, as Michelle had plans to meet friends down in Naples later in the afternoon.  She was going to watch a tennis tournament.

As we made our way back to shore,  Ben began taking off his life vest and sunglasses.  Next thing I knew….

Ben the brave! polar bear!

And, Michelle bringing in Ben’s kayak with her….

We hurried home and Michelle got ready to go down to Naples.  We all went along for the ride.  As we slipped into a parking lot,  a Mourning Dove seemed to enjoy our company;  it just sat and watched us as it plucked at gravel in the parking lot.

Even tonight, looking at these photos,  I find it so hard to imagine being out on the lake, paddling on the first day of April!