I Need a Photography Break!!!

No, not a break from  photography, but a break for photography so I can actually take a zillion photos by myself without the family whining “when are we gonna go home?”  There is soooo much out there to photograph in our big world, after all!

Now I shall refrain from whining to show you some photos of last night’s most amazingly spectacular skies as the sun slowly disappeared in the west…

These photos have not been edited, adjusting the color at all.  The colors were so incredible, I called Michelle to the window to see them. 

And, speaking of color, I found two pretty little crocus plants along the path up by the swingset.  I couldn’t resist photographing them once again!

I discovered I made a major “Oops!” late last November when I dutifully planted about 85 bulbs in my front garden. Somehow in my (nearly frantic) haste to get the blessed bulbs into the ground,  I completely forgot to note what is planted where!  Yes, I know…a slight oversight on my behalf.  Only problem is, they are all “common to me” varieties.


To add to the delightful colors of spring,  today’s temperatures reached up warm enough to be able to wear a shirt or blouse with no jacket nor sweater!  Now, add the sunshine and that was today!  Tomorrow promises to be even better, and Friday….well, let’s just call it Amazing Good Friday!

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  1. I see that you had the same spectacular show in the sky that we had last night. I love th crocuses, especially the first picture. I really like close up shots of flowers.

  2. What an amazing display of beautiful skies!! My favorite picture is the first one of the crocus though….it is gorgeous!!

    I know…wouldn’t it be great to be able to put life on hold to go out and just take pics to our hearts content??

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