I Need a Photography Break!!!

No, not a break from  photography, but a break for photography so I can actually take a zillion photos by myself without the family whining “when are we gonna go home?”  There is soooo much out there to photograph in our big world, after all!

Now I shall refrain from whining to show you some photos of last night’s most amazingly spectacular skies as the sun slowly disappeared in the west…

These photos have not been edited, adjusting the color at all.  The colors were so incredible, I called Michelle to the window to see them. 

And, speaking of color, I found two pretty little crocus plants along the path up by the swingset.  I couldn’t resist photographing them once again!

I discovered I made a major “Oops!” late last November when I dutifully planted about 85 bulbs in my front garden. Somehow in my (nearly frantic) haste to get the blessed bulbs into the ground,  I completely forgot to note what is planted where!  Yes, I know…a slight oversight on my behalf.  Only problem is, they are all “common to me” varieties.


To add to the delightful colors of spring,  today’s temperatures reached up warm enough to be able to wear a shirt or blouse with no jacket nor sweater!  Now, add the sunshine and that was today!  Tomorrow promises to be even better, and Friday….well, let’s just call it Amazing Good Friday!

Most Amazing

I know….I have been remiss in posting here lately.  The problem is, between family and my Scotties,  I am missing great amounts of sleep lately!  I won’t  relate all the details, but trust me,  I am just plain tuckered by being awakened at weird hours….

And, speaking of time!  When Mark and I were at WalMart the other day,  he was looking for a voltage meter, as his last one broke while Ben replaced an outlet for Mark’s mom.  (All done under Mark’s instruction and watchful eye) As we cruised along the aisles,  we passed some nightlights.  I really don’t like nightlights, as I like a dark room to sleep in…I am a rather light sleeper, and lights annoy me.  However….

As I looked at the offerings,  I found something that absolutely de-“lighted” me!  Amid the nightlights was one that has the most awesome little clock for a face!  I was happy because when I awaken in the night, I am always curious what time it is.  I have a Timex clock radio, but that thing is such a “work of art” (said VERY sarcastically!)  The clock radio is *supposed* to be atomic, meaning it should merely plug into the outlet and work.  Well, I did have to press a button to allow it to know which time zone, as the United States has four. 

As soon as I plugged in the darn clock radio, it came up with time all right….about five or six minutes BEHIND the correct time.  Also, wherever the thing gets its info,  it never is even close regarding Daylight Savings Time.  There has been more than one time I have threatened to open the window and HEAVE that thing….(it is several years old!)

So…here is a photo of the cute little nightlight doing its thing in the dark…

The little clock has that bright green face that illuminates nicely at night, making it very easy to read.  It audibly “ticks” each second…fortunately, noise doe not bother me at night like light does.  The best part is that when it is time to set the clock forward or back,  I simply unplug it and turn the circular set “button”! 

Yes, amazing what a few dollars can do to alleviate my great frustration.  And the clock radio?  Well, it is plugged in and sitting on a table in the corner of the room where it totally doesn’t bother me showing its “off” time.  I still press the button on it from time to time to listen to its radio!