Note:  I wrote this last night and oops….forgot to hit the “publish” button.  I think I am running on low in the energy department and it is beginning to show!!!

Life has been so crazed here in the Bristolwood lately.  With Mark’s diagnosis and the two of us left wondering what, exactly, he is supposed to be eating,  life has certainly been interesting.  Mark has been faithfully monitoring glucose levels and they have never once been as dreadfully high as when the bloodwork was done.  Hmmm….makes one wonder…..did someone accidentally mix up labwork, giving Mark someone else’s results?  Chances might be slim, but we do know things sometimes get switched!

Tonight, Mark and  I watched a Buffalo Sabres hockey game against the Boston Bruins. It was a good game, but as we watched,  I got terribly annoyed by the woman interviewing players.  She always had one-liner questions and she asked her (brief) question, the player answered, then she immediately switched over to one of the male anchors.  The thing that annoyed me most is the questions she asked.  She asked with no emotion and it just seemed like the questions were much deeper than her understanding of the game.

The icing on the cake was when she began talking about one of our star players….a young rookie named Tyler Myers who stands a mere six feet, eight inches tall!  She made comments about the fact that he was from Texas and it was interesting how he came to play hockey instead of basketball or even football.  She went on to say he had gone to a hockey game and after seeing the game “him and his dad” went to buy equipment so he could play hockey.

Heaven help me…I am certainly not picky when it comes to people speaking correctly, but “him and his dad”?  For Pete’s sake…..someone help this poor damsel….she is in distress and I wonder if she is even aware?  Ah well, perhaps she thinks all hockey fans are  beer-guzzling (well, that seems to be what the commercials aired imply!) mindless fellows who have been conked on the heads one too many times by a stray puck. My advice is that the network send the poor woman to school for a remedial course regarding proper speech (or, stick with the fellows that seem to be good at ad-libbing!

Oh, and while we are at it,  one of the male announcers kept calling our Tim Kennedy “Tyler” Kennedy.  Well, Mark and I decided to just join in, so we renamed everyone on the team “Tyler”.  Somehow, the name doesn’t fit too well with surnames like Hecht or Lydman.

The Sabres won with a score of 3:2.  I am happy!

Sorry, but no photos tonight.  Today was not very “picturesque”.  Clouds and rain aren’t so much fun, after all! And a bit of good news is that Mark receieved a call from the hospital regarding getting together with a nutritionist who will help guide us through what he should be eating!

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  1. Has Mark been given any meal ideas from his Dr? I was sent to a dietitian and a Dr specializing is diabetes. I try to stick to the half a plate of veggies rule. In other words fill half his plate with veggies then split the other half in half again.. one of those halves should be meat and the other half a carb… potato, rice, pasta etc. If you need help just give a shout!

  2. Terri, THANK you!!!! This was what I was looking for. We knew to do the half a plate of veggies. Wegman’s is doing that with their $6 meals and we decided that is an awesome idea. Yesterday, I went to the store and bought a magazine that has diabetic recipes. Man, I was drooling just looking at them! Mark’s overall readings are dropping…his average is about 121. That is with both fasting and one hour after eating. In reading the book, Diabetes fir Dummies, we are beginning to even wonder about the diagnosis…..(perhaps PREdiabetes, as opposed to Type 2)

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