It All Happened so Suddenly

Mark had seen our doctor a couple weeks ago for an exam and a tetanus shot.  While he was there,  the doctor wanted him to run over to the hospital for a blood workup.  After the exam, Mark went to the hospital and endured a blood draw.  A few days later, the doctor’s office called, saying the doctor needed to see him regarding the bloodwork.

Tuesday afternoon, Mark and I went to visit the doctor.  We were both in shock when she told Mark his glucose levels were very high and he is now diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I guess it shouldn’t have been so shocking, but there had never been any problems before, so it just seemed a little hard to swallow.

Mark needed a day or two to digest the bad report, so today, he decided I should pick up the meter and supplies he was prescribed.  After I took Michelle to school, I hung out in Canandaigua until the stores opened.  Mark had called his insurance company for advice on where to purchase the supplies.  They had given him three different places in Canandaigua, but upon calling, none of them had the supplies.  While Mark researched further, I drove around a bit.

I doubt we would find supplies here….


You knew I would end up at the lake, no?

That photo above is of Coots.  There were many by the marina and I wish I had binoculars with me as I couldn’t figure out exactly how they were floating there!  They all looked headless!  As I lingered, watching the Coots,  I saw some other waterfowl.  I wasn’t sure what they were, but in looking at duck identification on the internet, I am pretty confident they are Scaups.  There were only a few of them and they dive for food, the same as the Coots.  Too bad I didn’t carry the telephoto lens today…

I finally got a call from Mark after he spoke to nearly every pharmacy in Canandaigua.  He told me to go to Wal Mart so I did.  Michelle had insisted Murphy wanted to accompany me this morning,  so he kept me entertained, for sure.  Perhaps it is because my “scent” is all over my camera bag, but he likes resting on it….

As well as in it!

The wee little laddie waited so patiently for me as I spent from about 10 o’clock until 12:30 there.  There were problems with the way the prescription had been written and once that was straightened out, it took forever to fill the thing! I was certainly glad to leave for home after looking at nearly everything offered at the entire store!

I might as well add a couple of photos I took this morning on the way to drop Michelle off at school.  These two photos were both taken at the top of our hill.

The interesting news tonight is that after not eating for many hours,  Mark tested his levels  and the reading was 105, well within acceptable levels.  I think he was so greatly relieved! 

Wow, don’t you just hate a bad report?

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  1. My stepdaughter has been battling Diabetes since she was about 16. She is now 37. Not Fun. I’m so sorry to hear about this diagnosis. It is difficult to learn to eat to keep all the levels in check. She has found though that the insulin pump has helped her tremendously! MUCH Better than the insulin shots she had been doing for years. She is now on her second pump and loves it!! Much easier to control her levels…

  2. Mark and I are in the same boat. I brought my numbers WAY down with very little effort. Basically watching what and how much I eat has done it for me. A little under a year ago my A1c was 9.8 and just a few weeks ago it was down to 6.0 in the “good” range. Apples after and between meals are my best friends!

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