Off to Shop!

Yesterday, Mark decided we ought to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine.  I had some other ideas because I really need some new clothes.  I rarely ever shop for clothing and my wardrobe is beginning to look a little shabby!

I have an Amish friend I write to and I wanted to find the way to her house.  Since her home is kind of along the way, we traveled down a route we don’t often go.  The skies have been so beautiful the past few days and it is a shame to spend time indoors when mild weather beckons….particularly in March!

As we made our way along, the journey really does have a bit of a “retro” feel to it.  Many scenes seem so old-fashioned and when we had to stop as a train went by,  it really did have the feel of the “old days”!

The train ended up being  just two engines.

I think I have figured out how to get to my friend’s house, so I was happy.  A little added bonus!

We reached our destination and shopped for awhile at Sam’s Club.  Then Michelle and I wandered off to the mall and we raced around, looking through racks and racks of clothing.  I did wind up buying a few pieces, but I was so tired, I didn’t even try anything on!  There are a couple of pieces that will go back, but not too bad for a shopping frenzy of sorts.  I really dislike shopping and having to “dig” through racks to find clothing. 

We were finally ready to head home at about nine o’clock.  By that time, we were all tired.  As we stopped at a red light, I was able to open my window and snap a shot of the lights of a small airport….

We got home pretty late and by the time we got everyhing put away, it was nearly midnight.  It’s funny, but we all like traveling, even at night.  The truck is so cozy and Michelle and I sat in the back with Murphy.  The seat is comfortable and I sat and read a book a good bit of the way.