and the Walls Came a Tumblin’ Down!

After we took Mark’s mom to the doctor on Tuesday, we were driving down a street in the suburb where she lives and we saw a house being razed.  I have seen buildings being taken down, but never a residence.  The machine made short work of it and a few neighbors stood by to watch.  One of them said she was glad because teens had been stealing her solar lights from her yard and using them inside this abandoned house.  One woman said she has lived in the neighborhood for 36 years and the house has never been occupied during that time.  I always hate to see a house being demolished, but it sounds like this one had been abandoned so long,  it probably was beyond repair….

I was only there for about five minutes and I couldn’t believe how rapidly the house was coming down! Too bad I wasn’t there from the beginning.  I always feel sad seeing buildings going down and then ugly modern ones taking their place!

Mark grew up in this neighborhood from the time he was three, so he will be missing the “big yellow house on Creek Street”!