I’m Thinking….

I need a vacation. A REAL vacation.  FAR away.

I am so tired.

Yesterday, we went to Rochester, as my MIL needed to go to the doctor.  We were gone out the door by about eight in the morning.  We did some running around and then when Mark asked if we wanted to do anything in particular,  Michelle mentioned stopping to feed the birds again.  I am always game for such things as they are generally good photo ops.  Well, after all the running about,  we went to Mendon Ponds Park a little after six o’clock.  I wandered around some, but seemed like all the birds were hiding from me.

I met a woman along the path where my friend Kim and I had seen many cardinals the first time we went to the park.  (My kids both said they were too tired to accompany me, so I went alone. Of course, I grabbed the small Panasonic camera instead of the Nikon, as it would be too hard to photograph with one hand!)

I only got one semi-good photo of a cardinal and I was so disappointed.

Today was another crazed day.  We had three large trees fall down two years ago in the woods near the road.  Mark always wanted to tackle them,  but it seemed like such a big job.   They were pretty tangled up and messy.  So, this morning, Ben and Mark went down and looked them over.  Ben said he was sure he was up to the job, so he cut the trees into firewood.  It took a few hours and the kids’ friends, Jacob and Jeffrey, came by and helped out, too. The kids stacked all the wood neatly! Hurrah!

While everyone was outside, I was in the kitchen cooking like a maniac.  I made corned beef and cabbage,  macaroni salad,  potato salad,  fresh rolls, and squeezed some fresh lemonade.  By eight this evening,  I was worn out!  I have more photos from yesterday to show, but for now,  I just want to relax!