Ummmm….I’m Speechless

I cannot believe it but I really don’t have anything much to post!  Things have been rather boring lately…the weather has been downright ugly,  and I’ve run out of stuff to talk about! <gasp!>

Okay, so Saturday it was raining, then snowflakes appeared with the rain.  By Saturday night, the precipitation falling could best be described as “slush”.  By Sunday morning, there was about two inches of slush on the ground!  It was so heavy,  it was almost to no avail to move the messy precipitation.

The kids had an early morning game of racquetball on Sunday morning, and this was the scene as we drove up our hill…

Just to add a little insult to injury, we were enshrouded in dense fog as well as this not-so-nice stuff. As you can see, the plow made a single lane path.

Today’s weather was a bit better, although snowflakes were falling on and off throughout the day but not accumulating.  I may be the snow queen, but slush and ice are two elements I will gladly pass! 

Tomorrow will be a busy day and the sun is schelduled to reappear and the weatherman keeps talking about warmer temperatures.  We shall see….