Kind of a Weird Weekend…

Well, this weekend has been a very quiet one for us.

The kids went to the mall on Friday and Saturday, they stayed home and just relaxed.  They were up early on Sunday morning for some racquetball at the Y., then came home and crashed for a few hours.

On Friday, Mark and I went with the kids to the mall for eye exams.  I cannot believe it has been two years since I began wearing contacts.  The doctor examined my eyes and discovered my prescription remained unchanged. That was pretty good news!

Michelle has spring break from school this week, so we switched Ben’s schedule around so he could have the time off as well.  I love homeschooling because of the flexibility! 

Michelle is doing quite well with her studies.  Her English professor arranged a meeting with all of his students (120) individually to discuss a paper they had to write for class. (es)  Michelle went in and he immediately told her she had formatted her paper wrong….Oops!  He then began reading.  And he read on without saying anything.  After reading the paper, he asked Michelle what she thought she should recieve as a grade on her paper.  She told him she’d like an “A”.  Well, he gave her an A+!   I had read her paper before she turned it in and felt like she blew my socks off, but was uncertain about what a professor might think!  He told Michelle he had seen 80 students at that point and only handed out one other A!  I am so happy for her….

Our weather has been remarkable.  The day before yesterday, I should have taken a photo, as all our snow was about gone.  The only substantial amounts were along the sides of the driveway where Mark had piled high banks from plowing.  Yesterday, it was pouring down rain.  Then in the afternoon, as the rain was coming down, huge snowflakes began falling with the rain.  By last evening,  there was slush beginning to build up on all surfaces.  This morning, we were greeted by about two inches of slush everywhere!  Yuck! As much as I love the snow,  I really don’t like that stuff…it is like trying to shovel water…….wet and mega heavy!

Late this afternoon,  I needed a break away from the house for a bit so I took a drive down to Woodville to see what might be on the water!  I got a cute photo of a pair of Canada Geese…I think they were looking over the area for a place to nest.  They played peek-a-boo with me through the tall reeds surrounding them.

There were also several Bufflehead Ducks swimming about in the choppy waters of the lake.  Talk about nearly impossible to photograph…..these ducks were bobbin up and down like crazy and they are also diving ducks, which means they frequently submerge themselves in  search of food.  It is like a game of “now you see it, now you don’t”!  They also were pretty far from the shore, adding to the challenge!

I had photographed some Buffleheads last year, up in Canandaigua.  They are beautifully colored.  Although they appear to have black and white coloration in the photo above, (males) their heads are really more like a Mallard’s, changing color depending on how the light strikes their heads.

Certainly not a great weekend for photo ops.  Perhaps some will be forthcoming this week since we are taking some time to do a day trip or two.  Ah well,  rest was nice….and quite delightful!