Dogged Tired!

I guess that would be the most suitable descripton of how I feel tonight.  We were supposed to be up at 5am this morning, but after being awakened by Murphy at 3,  I had a hard time getting back to sleep!  I abruptly awakened at 6 and nearly jumped outta my skin! The kids had reserved the racquetball court from 7-9!

We all hurried and rushed out the door and were only a few minutes late.  After picking the kids up, we were off to Victor for eye exams.  Mark and I had our eyes examined and I got a new prescription for contacts.  It seems nearly impossible I have been wearing them two years already, but I really like them so much better than glasses!  The good  great news is, my prescription is unchanged. 

The kids arranged to meet friends at the mall and Mark and I just hung around and did errands for several hours. 

The temperature today seemed so chilly after yesterday’s early summer temps!  It was well above freezing, though, and our snow piles have receded to nearly nothing!

No photos tonight….I am just too tired!