Sure Signs of Spring

 I sometimes get so far behind myself….that is, I take many photos that remain on my cards until one day when I look at them and think I should have written about them and put them up long ago. I really am trying to do better,  but it seems like life  often gets in the way.

A couple of days ago,  I went for a small walk along the side of our road.  The day before,  while outside,l I thought I had heard a Robin.  I just put the thought aside as Robins wouldn’t return to the area this early!

Well, the day I went for a walk,  I knew I distinctly heard a Robin singing in a tree.  Since I had the small Panasonic camera with me, I could surely capture the little bird’s photo. Problem was, the wind was blowing up the road mercilessly so it was hard to hold the camera still!

 Not a very nice photo but there is no doubt whatsoever that the bird is indeed a Robin.

Now, I realize I live a somewhat sheltered life in that I don’t go shopping just to look around.  My shopping excursions are generally to grab things we need and run.  So, I probably miss out a lot. (especially since I don’t watch television much either!)

Michelle and one of her friends fancy themselves to be connoisseurs of all things candy corn, so when we were at Sauder’s  yesterday, how could I resist?  I have seen candy corn in Christmas red and green, but Easter colors?

Well, this last photo might not specifically have anything to do with spring, but I just took it a little bit ago waiting for Michelle while she is at school.

I just like the way this photo turned out. And speaking of ducks,  wow, have the Canada Geese been flying northward.  This morning,  Angus felt compelled to awaken me at 4:45 ( yes, there really is a 4:45 AM) .  While I stood outside surrounded by pitch black darkness,  Angus poised himself in an “alert” stance.  I got a little nervous, because I could hear a sound off in the distance as well.

At that point, I pulled the Scotties in just a bit closer to the house.  After a little while,  what must have been a huge flock of geese flew overhead.  They squawked and made noise like crazy for a long time before things settled down again.  That was the strange noise I couldn’t identify before!  The rest of the day,  I have heard countless flocks passing by….

Definitely sure signs that spring really is just around the corner.