A Day Away….

Today’s awesome weather with sunshine and mild temperatures threw not only me, but Mark and Ben into “let’s skip out on our responsibilities today” mode!

After dropping Michelle at school today, we went over to Lowe’s and WalMart to bide some time until Mark’s doctor appointment at 8:30.  We then headed to the doctor’s office as Mark had an appointment to get a tetanus shot.  Last year, Ben, Michelle, and I all got our shots, but Mark needed a booster as well.

I went in with Mark to see the doctor and she is just the most wonderful doctor, ever!  Since Mark was her first patient of the day, she sat down and chatted with us as well as giving Mark his shot.  We had such a nice visit, it was almost like seeing our friend instead of going to the doctor! She is leaving on Friday to go to Haiti for several days to help.  Her heart is so good and I pray she has a safe and productive trip.

After the doctor’s visit, Mark and I came outside and the weather was beautiful!  We got into the truck with Ben and the two Scotties, and I mentioned perhaps a day off would be beneficial.  I didn’t have to twist any arms….Mark and Ben both agreed!  I mentioned a drive down Routes 5 &20 and Mark thought that would be great.

With no particular predetermined destination in mind, we set off.  We drove through Geneva, Waterloo, and on to Seneca Falls.  As we drove along,  I mentioned to Mark that there was a new WalMart down a side road.  Mark turned and thought we should just take a drive around to see what stores were there.  It was then that I remembered Priscilla, a visitor to this blog, had mentioned a Mennonite store located “somewhere” nearby.  Mark entered the store name into the GPS and we were only about 1/4 mile away!

We drove over to the store and all three of us went inside.  WOW! This store is even bigger than the other store I often visit. They are really a big grocery store with goods from food to a nice assortment of books including many on Mennonite and Amish living and beliefs.  I could have spent hours and hours there, but it was so crowded, it was tough getting around! The young Mennonite girl who checked out my order said that the fine weather brought customers out in larger-than-normal numbers.

We will definitely be visiting this store again. (and again!)

After looking around in the store,  we pulled around the back of the store so Mark could look up sites of interest on his GPS.  I looked down the small hill below us and saw a little stream meandering along.  In the stream were a few Canada Geese.  Now, in and of itself,  that is nothing unusual, but these geese were acting ***weird***!  They were splashing about in the water as though they were taking a bath to get good and clean!  I do know that geese need water to breed, but this didn’t appear to be in the minds of these geese. (unless a good bathing was needed prior to courtship!)

One of the geese was hysterical….comical…such a comedian!  The goose did a barrel roll several times…..round and round and round.  Don’t believe me? Click twice on this photo and it will PROVE I am not exaggerating!! Honest!

In all my hours and hours spent watching geese, I have never seen the likes of that before!  I didn’t bring my telephoto lens with me so I had to crop this photo in order to catch the barrel roll!

As an aside, Mark laughed as we drove out of the store parking lot.  The employees are all Mennonites and their autos were all parked in one area.  There must have been 20 cars….maybe a couple trucks….all black!  There was nearly every make represented in…..black!

We drove on a little further, keeping our eyes on the clock, as we needed to pick Michelle up again from school.

After arriving back home,  Mark wanted us to rinse all the salty dirt off the truck.  As we pulled into the driveway, there were some spots in the gutter next to the driveway that had dammed up, sending water spilling over the driveway.  While Michelle went down the driveway with shovel in hand to remedy the driveway,  Ben got out the pressure washer and rinsed off not only the truck,  but also the Explorer.  Ah, both the driveway and the vehicles look much better now!

I helped Ben wipe off the hose and wind it up, then put the pressure washer away.  By the time we were ready to go in the house, dusk was quickly settling in.  As I walked from the garage to the house,  I had to grab my camera.  This solar lamp is in the side garden next to the house.  The little lamp had been buried under snow from the last storm.  I wondered about it, but was surprised when I saw it glowing this evening! It just poked through the snow today, so you can see how much the snow sank down and melted today.

I think Ben, Mark, and I are all refreshed from taking this unplanned vacation day.  One of the greatest benefits about homeschooling is that we are able to take off a day every now and then without losing a day….Ben always makes up his work when we get back home.

Puttin’ on the Green

Thought I’d show my front door….I waited late yesterday afternoon for the sun to hit my door just “right”….

I am usually decorating the house with St. Patty’s Day decorations by now, but Ben is working on his bedroom and we have all sorts of tools and paint buckets sitting here and there.  Perhaps there will be no decorations this year! Ah well, ’tis always next year… At least my front door looks festive!

I will be posting another entry later today. Right now we are a bit hurried….Michelle is off to school and Mark has an early doctor appointment.