I Reserve the Right….

to lob back any and all rotten tomatoes thrown my way for showing this type of photo. (AGAIN!!!)

Oh, and Mark figured out why my photos weren’t expanding. Now, you can double click to see the BIG pictures! (not that you might want to, mind you!!!)

After seeing the pretty girl above standing on the ice, I got such a brilliant idea! I went around to the back of the truck and got out my little bucket of cracked corn.  I decided that if I threw the corn on the ice instead of the water, none would be wasted . After all, when cast on the water, so much of it sinks to the bottom.

The net result was near hysterical! We all know that the duck waddle in itself is rather humorous,  but seeing these ducks waddling across the ice was too much!  With little traction, those big flippers wandered about, looking like drunken sailors! I never laughed so hard,  but the ducks sure enjoyed!

I guess seeing the ducks eat made *me* hungry, so Mark and I went over to Arby’s.  As we sat behind the store, we saw deer eating at the waterpark across the pond from us!

We enjoyed a lazy, laid back weekend and as you can see, I really didn’t take many photos!