Unexpected Cathedral

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle had reserved the racquetball court at the YMCA so she and Ben could play, along with their friend, Jacob.  Mark took the kids and Angus and headed off to Canandaigua.

I found myself relishing the quiet and peacefulness of having no one around, other than Murphy.  Murphy, being a Scottish Terrier, is reserved and quiet. The only time Scotties *really* make their presence known is if they are hungry, want water, or some”thing” or “one” is disturbing their territory. Thus, we enjoyed the calm….

The weather  has been rather splendid lately, with blue skies and generous amounts of sunshine….a somewhat rare commodity normally, this time of year.  I had a small fire in the woodstove, however, as the temperature has been diving to very cold at night.  I was enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows but was rather disturbed by the ugly blackened doors on the woodstove…..

until I saw this, reflected onto the homely rust-colored corduroy couch that had been my father-in-law’s.

Awesome….I couln’t help but wonder what that would look like if it was on the wall, as opposed to fabric, but I sat there, dumbfounded, by the sheer beauty of it.  A real “stained glass” reflection! I felt as though I was sitting in a fine cathedral!  You just never know….