When Life Hands You Lemons….

Nah, life isn’t so bad, really.

About five days ago, I just decided that I would kick the Pepsi habit.  Several things accounted for this big change…mainly, I am tired of my teeth!  I know the soda has done a numberon them over the years, and I also know there is no really good reason to suck down caffeinated,  carbonated sugar water!  Mark always teased me I was like the hummingbirds sipping on sugar water. 

So, deciding on something that has a little nutritive value, I bought some lemons….

WOW! I never realized just how delicious fresh lemonade is!  I have been making a fresh quart every day and everyone seems to be enjoying it along with me.  Today, I tried adding a little honey along with some sugar,  but Ben didn’t care for it. 

I also have been drinking more water and enjoying it as well. So, here’s to better health!

Ducks and Sunset

Michelle really enjoyed fencing last semester and was excited when she discovered some classmates had started a fencing club.  The kids met late Wednesday afternoon to discuss the club and so we took Michelle.

After dropping Michelle at school,  Mark asked if I wanted to go to the City Pier. (yet again!)  I groaned,  but since the sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon,  I didn’t complain.

Mark drove on down the pier and then began back toward the city.  Then he pulled over and told me there were a lot of ducks sitting in the water below. Once again (should I admit it?) I groaned.  I have taken sooo many photos of Mallard Ducks,  Everyone must be tired of seeing Mallards! I sat in the back seat as a form of protest, but, well,  my trigger finger began to itch and after all, I do carry around a small bucket of cracked corn for my little waterfowl friends.

I hopped out of the truck and within a few minutes,  I found myself totally absorbed in the little flock.  They ate the corn with such gusto….how could I ever think of not feeding these cute little ones, anyway?

I felt somewhat greatly rewarded by getting a photo of a Mallard Duck drake in the snow….don’t see that too often. I had dropped some corn in the snow and he was jus tidying up!  It was interesting just how close these ducks moved in by my feet.  They are ususally fairly shy, but they came in very close that afternoon. I think they were very hungry for some grain!

After feeding the ducks,  we sat in the truck for a time….it was beautifully sunshiney, but the brisk wind was very chilling!  As the sun began to set, the scenery with the ducks was just awesome!

I did happen to catch the sunset one more time from another location….

Who ever would have thought that feeding the ducks yet another time would render some great new shots?