Bedbugs and Claustrophobia

Michelle called hysterically from upstairs the other morning. 

Mom! Come quickly! There are bugs in my bed….bedbugs!

Oh come now.  We live in a clean house and are clean people.  I calmly mounted the stairs….

Yes, I had an idea she was talking about something like this.  This was the morning we had awakened to the “big” snow.  Michelle thought the boys needed some warm shelter so she basically buried them in her bed!  Angus, ham that he is, loved the attention,  while Murphy immediately squirmed out from under the blankets.  If he could speak ,  I am sure he would have been muttering something under his breath about his “sissy-pants” brother….

Yes, as I said, Angus *is* a ham!

The photos above were meant to be included in the previous entry, but my Dell laptop keeps telling me that all my SD cards are write-protected and cannot be copied nor deleted!  I managed to get the photo of the boys with the tent when my little netbook I was using died because the battery had run too low.  I was too tired to fiddle around any more last night, so I just went to bed and then when I plugged in the netbook, just uploaded the post this morning! So, here are some photos taken the past couple of days. 

Yesterday, when I awakened, I suddenly felt this strange feeling.  As I looked outside, the trees looked as though they were closing in on me and I realize it was claustrophobia I was feeling!  Much of the snow has dropped from the trees, but they still have clumps in them that remind me of cotton!

We’ve had a lot going on the past few days with lots of shoveling involved!  I was taking photos but not even looking at them!