I Probably Need Some Professional Help

Yesterday and the day before, I was more annoyed than sick feeling from swollen glands.  My neck hurt when I turned my head or when I touched it.  To add a little insult to injury, I also had a headache last night.  So, when we got back home from picking Michelle up from Jacob’s,  I went upstairs, proclaiming I was going to bed early.

I fell asleep early, alright, but I was awake again in about an hour. 

Someone had left the outdoor light on in the back of the house.  As I lie on the bed wth my eyes open, I turned toward the window; I got so excited, I couldn’t close my eyes again!  Instead,  I hopped off the bed, grabbed my camera, and popped the window open. The world outside was sheer fascination….

The treetops were amazing as the snow fell silently.  What was also fascinating was the accoustics.  This snow added a silencing effect to the world outside. It was as though it was so silent, it left pressure on the ear!  Not satisfied with the photos taken, I turned on the light and placed the telephoto len on my camera. By this time, I was moving so quickly, I must have look like a thief working in the night!

The telephoto proved to narrow the depth of the photos too much. With stark darkness surrounding the world outside, I needed as much depth as I could grab! I placed the original len back on the camera and went downstairs.  By this time, I was helpless…hopeless….I scurried out the door in my nighgown.

I looked around and saw some little brush growing under a tree. Ah, a still life! If you squint enough, I am sure you will see it!

By now, sheer madness had set in.  Outside late at night in a nightgown, flashing photos. Truly, I must have lost my bearings, no?

Yes, I was photographing anything I could find….I even took a closeup of…..snow!

Not yet satisfied, I went back inside the house.  After all, to get from the back deck to the front of the house meant I would have to trudge through about two feet of snow.  My boots are only mabe eight inches tall. Do you think I am “crazy” after all?

I walked to the end of the front porch and just had to photograph the “holiday” wreath that is still hanging on the front of the garage! It really does look rather Christmasy!

As I crept back inside the house, Mark was calling out to me….what am I doing up?  Ugh..caught in the act!

I went back upstairs and sat down on the side of the bed.  There was little hope of sleep coming any time soon.  So, I read for a bit.

Just a few minutes before midnight,  I noticed it was so *bright* outside.  I looked and realized no outdoor lights were left on…what, then was illuminating everything?  I then realized that the snowfall, which had darkened everything, had come to a stop.

I could see the trees outside the window more clearly without all the snow!

I had made the fire in the woodstove a tad too hot, so I left the window open most of the night.  That fresh air was so nice.  I did have to close it at about four this morning,  but it was still comfortable in the bedroom.

So, my Dear, Dear Reader…..what is the verdict?

Seek professional help, or no?

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  1. I echo Carly; and am glad you did travel out and about to give us such wonderful photos. I am cold just looking at them!

    And hope and pray you are feeling 100% again soon.

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