Someone Turned on the Snow Machines!

Michelle had plans to visit with her friend Jacob this afternoon.  Before we left,  we had to move, shovel, and plow snow again.  There really wasn’t a lot, but Mark wants to make sure he keeps up with it. 

As we passed by Woodville on our way, Mark and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the lake appeared. It was as smooth as glass.  Mark pulled into the boat launch so I could take a few photos….and I didn’t even have to ask him!

Those “spots” are actually ice fishermen.  I was surprised at how close they were to the edge of the ice.  Must be the fish like to hang out there!

And here is one looking up the lake towards Canandaigua.

There was what looked like a mist up the lake but in thinking about it, it might have been an area of snow squalls. It was that kind of day, after all.

We dropped Michelle at Jacob’s house and then went to Canandaigua.  Mark and Ben did a little shopping while I waited in the truck with the Scotties.  By the time the guys finished their shopping, it was time to pick Michelle back up once again! As we drove southward towards Middlesex,  I noticed that the scenery had changed from earlier….a wet, sticky snow was “decorating” everything it fell on.  Think in terms of a gingerbread house!

We arrived back home in the dark, but I just had to take a few pictures.  I LOVE this kind of snow. On the way out to the back deck, the roses Mark and I picked up at Sam’s Club the day of the big storm were just calling out to have their photo taken!

Should I tell you, Dear Reader, that those roses sell there for $5.87 a dozen?  No kidding….

Yes, of course…I really did need to take a closeup of the Scottie weathervane.  I love it all decorated!

The lilac bush in the side yard is almost as awesome with its snowy shroud as when it flowers!

When I got upstairs, I opened the bedroom window and took a photo of the trees outside.

The temperature has mellowed to the point where it is staying right at freezing.  This produces that wet sloppy snow that frosts everything! And tomorrow morning?  We will be back outside once again, shovels in hand and ready to go!

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