More Weathervanes and More

Yesterday morning, Michelle and  I were off early to Canandaigua.  We had some wet, sloppy snow during the night, so we left a bit early,  but the roads were in fine condition.

After dropping Michelle at school, I went shopping for a few groceries.  As I left WalMart,  I drove through the old WalMart plaza and saw this…

I thought it was pretty cool the driver “parked” his horse and buggy out away from traffic and didn’t use the handicapped spaces.  As I sat looking, a man and a boy walked up to the buggy, so I put on my telephoto lens.

I can see by the clean-shaven face, this man is probably Old Order Mennonite, as the Amish married men have beards.

My next stop was at the bank, and I smiled as I saw this sign in the window….

The bank actually has a beautifully hand-painted rock in the gizmo where one places money and deposit slips.  That photo isn’t focussed well, but between the glass of the bank and my hurried “snap”…well…!

I took the lakeside road once again.  I am not sure if I am more “bold” now or what, but because there was practically no traffic on the road,  I stopped and took photos of some more weathervanes.  I even did something I’ve not done before…..I actually took some photos of the weathervanes on houses! The others were taken on garages or beach houses.

I’m pretty sure this first vane is made by the same company as my Scottie vane.  I sure looks similar!

There is a local magazine called Canandagua that I had received a free copy of a couple years ago.  In it was featured a house on the lake that was beyond my imagination! It was gorgeous and I think it belonged to a married couple that are doctors.  Anyway, this is their whimsical vane!

The next vane is on a beautiful old house.  The vane looks like it is also very old. I believe it is made of copper, and look at the cap where it is attached.  It looks like it was made specifically for that particular home’s application!

I couldn’t tell by eye what, exactly, the vane is, but the telephoto lens did a good job of letting me see that it looks like a ship’s mast, billowing in the wind.

The next vane really threw me over the edge.  From the road, it looked kind of like a weathervane that had been damaged.  After uploading my photos, I could see that it was not damaged! It looks like a handcrafted vane and it is a grasshopper!

I love the cupola with the bell!

I got home and Ben called out to see the male Downy Woodpecker on the suet feeder….

This morning,  we are surrounded by what looks like a thin coating of “frosting”!  We had a light coating of sticky snow that is pasted to everything! So, why not show *my* weathervane?

For drama, here it is with the flash on….

and off….

I was so tired yesterday. I had had a fine night’s sleep the night before, but I was so dragging yesterday! I had all my photos resized and ready to upload to my blog (with the exception of today’s Scottie weathervane photos, of course!) but instead of blogging,  I went to bed early!

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  1. Great vanes. We got that sticky pasty snow too apparently. According to Kevin Williams, we are supposed to have a snow event later today and for the next couple days. I am excited…maybe we’ll get snowed in! 🙂

  2. Ayup, this morning,they talked about “the event” on FLM. Sarah H. called it a snow hurricane because this storm has produced gales of 70 MPH. Denny immediately termed it a FLURRICANE!!! hehehe!!! You know me…I am BEYOND excited by this….i LOVE weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow: horses parked at Walmart; funny signs in banks; glorious weathervanes, yours in particular: what a most wondrous place you live in. But I am sure you know that.

    Enjoy the weather you love; I hope all remain safe in such events.

  4. I just love Ian’s comment! My favorites out of all the weather vanes….the whimsical one and the SCOTTIE one!!! LOVE it!! I am rather excited about weather events also…must have something to do with the fact that we have such a wide variety of weather here?? We were out driving in your neck of the woods yesterday, but it was so very grey out! I am looking forward to seeing some sunshine! I guarantee you will recognize some of the photos I’m posting!!

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