One of my Favorite Things

During the winter months is fresh snow that has been untouched.  I love it when the sun hits it just so and makes it sparkle like a field of diamonds!

We have had some pretty wild winds here and there and the snow is now nicely “burnished” with a crusty topping!  This afternoon when I took the Scotties outside,  Angus picked up the scent of a squirrel as he walked along the driveway.  Since the Scots are on sixteen foot long flex-leads,  they can romp out fairly far.

Angus suddenly decided to hop over the snow mounded up on the side of the driveway and sniff his way to the rodent. Over he went, only to find that the weight of his body made the crusty snow on top cave and give way to the soft snow underneath.  I cannot decide if he was embarrassed at his antics or if he truly did not care,  but on he scurried, sinking all the way up to his little Scottie shoulders! What a sight!

All the while, Murphy was….well, being Murphy.  He was not the least bit aware of Angus’s behavior.  But then, suddenly he caught the scent and off he went!  As if the proverbial lightbulb went off,  Murphy realized he didn’t like the crusty snow jutting into his body, so he made a mad dash back towards the driveway,  crashing his long face as he plummeted downward! Just like a little child, he looked up at me as if to say Save me!

Ah, the life of two Scots….

I often wonder if they are as fond of the winter months as I am!

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  1. I love untouched snow, but rarely see it in my own yard, as Kyle feels it necessary to shovel the entire yard into one large pile…hmmmf!

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