Out for the Day…

Yesterday was another one of those days….busy, busy, busy!

The kids had to be at the YMCA by eleven, as Michelle had reserved a racquetball court for two hours.  She is taking racquetball at school this semester, as there wasn’t another level of fencing offered.  We dropped Michelle and Ben off and we had to run over to Advance Auto to grab a part for the truck. 

This is the Ontario County Courthouse as seen from across the street at the YMCA parking lot.

I went into the store and a woman offered to help me.  Wow!  She was simply amazing.  She asked how the blower fan quit working, saying that the motor on the fan might have seized up.  I asked her if she could wait a minute while I went out to get Mark so she could talk to him.   She offered, instead, to grab her coat and go outside to talk to him. 

She went out and it was incredible hearing this woman talking about all the various parts in the blower fan and offering her advice. She said she has a Chevy Malibu and her fan actually stopped working as well.  She then went on to advise Mark about how to troubleshoot the problem.  Of course, Mark was already aware of the things she suggested, but he enjoyed her enthusiasm!  As I thought about it later, I think she must be a store manager, as her winter coat had the store logo embroidered on it.  She also offered to look up the pricing on the replacement wire harness which we had been told by others was unavailable, except through the Chevy dealer.  Surprise, surprise, she found it and the cost was $31.00.  I don’t know for sure, but I am speculating the price from the Chevy garage would far exceed that….

After our great visit to the auto parts atore, we were off to pick the kids up again.  They came out and we went to grab a bite to eat. Once again, we were off and running…this time to Middlesex. 

It was a blustery,  windy day and in unprotected areas,the winds carried snow like a snowblower, across the lanes of traffic,  greatly reducing visibility!

 The kids’ friend, Jacob, was having a birthday get together.  I guess he is too old for birthday parties now as he is no longer a teenager.  There were going to be several kids there and they had plans to go sledding and then have dinner.  Jacob’s friends got together and bought him a game box, controllers, whatever hookups were needed, and a few games for his birthday.  Boy, was he surprised!

Mark and I left the kids in Midlesex, then I suggested we go on over to Penn Yan to pick up some goods at the (no longer) Mennonite store.   Jacob told us the Mennonite couple that started the store had sold it to some non-Mennonites,  but all the employees are Mennonite, so  who knows? 

Mark went into the store with me and he was fascinated by all the variety of offerings.  We looked intently at each aisle, scanning over everything!  I usually buzz through the store, not really being so attentive and just picking up the items I have used in the past.  I love that store, because even though it is very modern,  it has such an old-fashioned “feel” to it.  The girls working there are knowledgeable and willing to offer assistance.  It seems like those values are so hard to find in stores anymore,  to say nothing of not even being able to *find* employees in many stores!

By the time we got out of the store, it was after four o’clock and Mark asked what I wanted to do.  I couldn’t think of anything in particular, but when he said he had a Christmas movie we hadn’t watched yet on his computer, I thought that would be a great way to spend some time.  We had already planned to pick Michelle up at eight and Ben was going to spend the night. 

We started back towards Middlesex, stopping for a couple of photos….

Gotta love this frozen waterfall in the woods.

Mark asked where we could sit and watch the movie, then he suggested Vine Valley.  Of course!   Mark wanted to park in a parking lot, but  I told him I always parked in front of the boat launch when I took the kids to Awana.  He decided that sounded like a good plan, so….

Up Vine Valley Road we ascend….

Then, after reaching the top, we descend, down towards Canandaigua Lake.

We finally arrived to a very choppy and windy lakefront!

As you can see, the sun had already gone over the hill across from us.  And, as a side note, if one were to cross the lake striaght across and up the hill on the other side,  one *might* just arrive at our house in three or four miles!

We sat lakeside,  watching the waves roll in. It was awesome, calming, unnerving, amazing.  It really was all these things.  And Mark looked at me and asked How is it possible that we are sitting here on the lake, in February?

As we sat, a flock of ducks seemed to appear from nowhere, bobbing up and down on the waves.  They looked hysterical! And a few times, they seemed to disappear, only to reappear a few seconds later!

Yup. That is one of those silly “cold water kills” signs,  stating it is a law that life vests be worn from November til May. Looked like it was going to sail away…….

These photos were all taken from the warm and safe environ of the Explorer!  I had my long and heavy telephoto lens mounted, and to have gone outside to take photos, the camera would have been waving in the wind like a flag!  The focus is terrible, but when one considers just how briskly everything was moving around us,  I felt fortunate to get anything that even resembled ducks in the water!

The darkness settled in and the ducks mounted up and flew away.  It was then that we realized we were going to watch a movie!  I did catch the “aura” glow from Bristol Mountain(ski area) from Vine Valley….

We started the movie late and only got halfway through.  We need to finish watching it this afternoon! 

This was such an awesome day.  We enjoyed relaxing and the Scotties were just thrilled to be out with us! As soon as we arrived home,  we unloaded the Explorer,  I started a fire in the woodstove,  then we all headed off to bed.  I have no idea who fell aleep first, but we all passed out quickly after a pretty satifying day!

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  1. Okay…so sometimes I read your blog and think, “Jeepers! I was just there!!!!” I went down to Middlesex on Thursday. On the way home, I decided to take the same Vine Valley route you did. I didn’t go down to the lake front, but turned right at that stop sign in the picture. I continued home past Le Tourneau. I was wishing I had my camera with me.
    (BTW, my husband does life guarding part time at the YMCA…usually at the crack of dawn so he can go to his “real” job.)

  2. Gorgeous photos, as always! I love how you really pay attention to your surroundings and communicate how everyday things, and things that most people would gloss over, are beautiful!

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