Nothing in Particular!

This morning, Michelle and I went to pick Ben up in Middlesex.

As is my custom, I carried the camera bag to the Explorer with me. As we drove along, the sun began to shine.  This made me realize that this morning,  I actually heard birds singing!  They weren’t merely “chirping” to communicate….they were singing!

We drove along the same country roads we frequent.  As we passed a tree near the road, I got so excited to see a big ole Hawk sitting in it.  I stopped the Explorer and by the time I uncinched the clasps of the camera bag,  the big ole Hawk was swooping off in the distance…..drat.

I turned onto a side road and as I drove along, the sun poked out and added such a glow to this awesome rd barn.  Just how *Americana* is that?

We picked Ben up and I headed back on the same route we traveled to get to Middlesex.  I really thought just how much I liked that red barn seeing it once again!  And on the way home, I saw these hay bales in a field behind the red barn.


I really liked the snow *frosting* on them!

Once home, Michelle and Ben thought I should make them pancakes.  Hahaha, said I!

I told Michelle she could make them and she kind of gave me “a look”. It was then I produced something I had never seen the likes of before!  I had picked it up at Wal Mart the other day for $1.50. 

Michelle took to this splendid product like….well, like a duck to water! She added the 1 1/2 cups of water, shook the container,  heated the skillet, and away she went, just like a pro! Now, Michelle is not a fan of cooking and she had not made pancakes before.

Be impressed.

Be very impressed!

The end result was pretty tasty and now I will pick up some more of those little mini-milk bottle looking jugs for Michelle!

While I was at the table….

That boquet looks almost every bit as good as it did last Sunday on Valentine’s Day!

Our back deck was downright treacherous this morning.  The temperatures have been romancing the freezing zone the past couple of days, and the snow and ice has been melting off the roof.  The gutters are filled to capacity and beyond with ice, so water drips all over the deck.  Walking out the door could break one’s neck!  I chopped a good deal of it off, then used hot water to eliminate the rest.  Yeah, that sounds crazy, but at least it isn’t two inches thick any longer.

I did leave the icicles on the railing for decoration, though!

Mark and Michelle took a look at the truck blower this afternoon and Mark found a little connector was bent, causing the blower to not work.  He bent it back and Michelle put it back together.  Tada! It works once again without replacing any parts!  Phew,  a cheap fix for once!

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  1. Yay for the cheap fix! Whatever you do, don’t buy the pancake mix in the can (like the whipped cream cans) as it is horrid and very thin. Kyle thought he needed some of it and it was beyond bad! Great pictures, love the one of the barn!

  2. Mmmmmmm…pancakes. And love the artwork too. 🙂 And those flowers surely are so beautiful.

    That red barn is simply wondrous; what a glorious place you live in.

  3. I am going to run out and get some of that cool pancake mix!! A timesaver! Tell Michelle that I think she did a GREAT job on those pancakes!! I have never made faces on mine before…but they are so cute!! I agree with you on the treacherous deck! Our front porch has been like that too. Fortunately, alot of it melted off with the sun today…the little bit of sun that we had! I LOVE the barn picture!!

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