What Messy Weather!

I know no one wants to hear about weather. Particularly messy weather!  Too bad, because that is precisely what we had today!

I decided I really needed to replenish groceries so I was going out today, weather or not!  I did wait until it warmed up a little as I am not too wild about driving on slippery roads when the gunk they use doesn’t work!  When the temperature warms up some, the stuff begins working better!

Here are my new tires which got some pretty good ratings when we looked them up on the internet….

Here is the tread….

I thought about the route I would take to Canandaigua and decided on the lake road.  Yay! It paid off! As I drove up the lake, I kept my eye out and saw lots and lots of Canada Geese.  I didn’t see the Swans I had spotted previously but as I looked out over the lake,  I did see something Iwasn’t sure about!  I had to turn around as I had gone too far to stop.

Even after getting out and taking photos, I couldn’t tell exactly what I was looking at!  Only after uploading my photos was I about to see a group of Readhead Ducks.

A little farther out on the lake behind the Redheads were a few Common Goldeneye Ducks.  (also called Whistlers)  I had never seen these before, so it was pretty cool seeing them!

I need to explain that although my photos appear a little out of focus,  they really aren’t!  It snowed a very fine snow all day long!  It added up to probably about four inches!  I was so glad I brought my camera along with me, as I had originally opted to leave it home.  I figured trying to take photos in the precipitation would be futile.

After my little duck sighting, I was once again on my way. I decided to take a slight detour and take a quick cruise out onto the City Pier. Wow! Doesn’t this look like fun?

I wondered what he had on his feet to travel along.  When I looked at the photo full-size, I could see he had some short skis strapped on his feet.

A flock of Canada Geese flew overhead…..

It would now be possible to walk right over to Squaw Island!

And on and on he sailed….

As I was about to pop back into the Explorer,  my eye lighted on a few gulls.  They are attracted to the pier….even in inclimate weather!….because many people sit there to eat their lunch in their vehicles.  I had meant to focus on the gulls themselves, but with the snow,  the camera had a bot of trouble focusing.  I snapped the photo anyway and I really like the fact that the bench is in focus in front of the gulls.

I had spent enough time photographing and it was now time to get to the task at hand.  I did my shopping and began to head homeward.  I did stop along the road for one more photo….

I really like the way this photo looks almost edited!  Everything appears nearly black and white, with the American flag colored.  Well, no,  I didn’t edit the photo…..the snow did!

So, there you have it.  We ***can*** have some camera fun even on a snowy day!