This morning, a little flurry of snow showers came tumbling down.

And I began to think.

Each and every one of those tiny little flakes (and they were sparkling, illuminated by the sun!)

is as different and unique as every person’s fingerprints.

An amazing testimony of an Amazing Creator!

I Waited the Better Part of the Day…

until the sun was “just so” in the sky….

And while I was waiting, a friend showed up!  Carly had told me when she looked up information about Nuthatches, there seemed to be confusion because we always see Nuthatches with white bellies whereas many are described as having red bellies.  The white-breasted Nuthatches seem more abundant, but wow!  I have a really red-breasted one!

It seems comical, but this little fellow always sits on the same branch every time he visits! Perhaps I should have cropped the photo to show the bird better, but I really liked the photos as they were!

The Nuthatch below is our more typical bird.

The skies were brilliant yesterday…..a day filled with sparkling blue with harmless white clouds from time to time.  The sun put on a spectacular show and even melted a lot of snow from the sidewalks and where we shoveled.  It was a breathtaking day. And, the sunset was nothing to snear at either!

Some days are just hard to watch go……