It’s Tough….

but someone has to do it.

What? you ask.

Well, drive along West Lake Road along Canandaigua Lake!

I had to drive Michelle to school this morning and after hearing Bob, the UPS guy’s account of the road conditions late yesterday afternoon,  I was (much) less than thrilled to take her today.  We hadn’t plowed the driveway after yesterday’s dump of about 6 inches of heavy wet snow.  I had to take the pickup truck as my Explorer is still sitting in the garage with no window on the front passenger side. Being a little less experienced driving the truck was causing further anxiety!

Michelle and I drove down the driveway with the wind blowing the remaining snow off the hood of the truck briskly onto the windshield.  I decided to go down the hill instead of up so I could get as much snow off the hood as possible. As we drove along the roads, I discovered there must have been a vast improvement of conditions since yesterday!

I dropped Michelle off and watched in the eastern skies as the sun fought to shine through the thick clouds.  As I drove along,  I thought I would take the lake road home.  The further south I drove, the more the sun was winning the battle and the clouds were retreating! I was so enjoying my drive!

I looked to my left, ever curious as to what might pop up in the water….

Well, the only major problem I had this morning had nothing at all to do with driving conditions or roads.  It was all about the fact that my Nikon camera was sitting at home on my BED!  I used my little point-and-shoot Panasonic, which does a fine job, but I know my telephoto lens would have been better. Ah well.

And as an added bonus, here is a photo taken along the road I live on.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  Oh, and did I ever tell you it is nearly *magical* living here in the Bristolwood?