There appears to be a new sign down in Woodville…..(it is posted right near the boat launch, appropriately so)

Ummm….how is a life vest gonna prevent hypothermia?  Aw, forget it.  I must be missing something. Funny thing is, this is a view of the lake from a road above showing the south end of the lake…..

Since the boat launch is on the right side of that photo, I think you can see the only craft that might launch this time of the year would have to have sled runners on it as the lake is frozen over!

Well, enough of that!  I had spoken to a fellow that works at the marina in Woodville and he told me seeing the eagles walking on the ice in the winter is quite spectacular!  So, I spent about an hour just hanging out down there, but saw no eagles.  In fact, the area looked rather lifeless. The only sound to accompany me as I lingered was that of dead grass rattling when the brisk wind blew!

Of course I had to show that grass as I loved the color of it set against the stark white snow!