Morning Magic!

Michelle was “up and at it” this morning early.

How early?

Shortly after 4.  Which means I was also up shortly after four, as she awakened me!

We left the house at about 7:15, and I had no idea what a grand morning I was heading into! (a sharp contrast from Tuesday morning, I might add!)  We headed up the road and over onto the highway. But coming down the road before the highway, this is what we saw….

and this…..

An awesone sunrise, to be sure.  All the way to Canandaigua, Michelle reminded me to keep my eyes on the road…while *I* reminded her *I* am the mom *and* I have many years of driving experience with no accidents caused by me!

I dropped Michelle off and then drove along the lake…..

I decided I really needed to take the lakeside road home.  Murphy, with his head resting against my leg, had no complaints and seemed content enough to take the “slow road”.

I was glad I did!

I had a bucket of cracked corn that I use just for such ocassions, but there was a sharp dropoff I was standin on and I couldn’t throw the corn far enough to reach the birds.  One swan, however, was rather curious about me and swam closer for a look….

Needless to say, I could have spent the entire day just wandering and taking photos.  What a beautiful, beautiful morning!

The sun is still shining and the temperature is rising. Mark hasn’t repaired the window on the Explorer yet, but he plans to work on it this afternoon.  As far as the tires go, we have spoken to numerous people and we plan to buy an entirely different (highly rated) tire fom another source.

So, things are looking better!!!