Good Riddance!!!

That, my friend, is what I said to yesterday!

Michelle awakened me at about 4:30 am, taking a shower and getting ready for school. I didn’t mind that. But….before we left the house, I needed to pack an order, straighten up a bit (I am near the point of “neurotic” about coming home to a messy house) and get everything (and everyone,including the Scotties) ready to go.

You see, I had an appointment to keep.

Let me take you back to Monday, early afternoon….

I had gotten tires put on the Explorer a few years ago. They were rated to go 65,000 miles. They have about 23,000 miles on them.  The Explorer doesn’t travel very far from home, actually.  It averages maybe 5,000 miles per year.  My tires look HORRIBLE.  So, we were off to see the tire store who sold them to us Monday afternoon.

The gentleman came out with his little depth guage and measured the tires.  He assured us they were absolutely fine. Mark begged to differ, but, well, this man is supposed to know his stuff.  And besides, he was older and hopefully, wiser.

So, yesterday morning, we were going to drop the Explorer at the shop to have it inspected.  I really like the shop where we take it. The man who owns it is a soon-to-retire sherriff’s deputy and I think he exhibits more integrity than I have seen in many shops.

We got out the door a bit late yesterday, and drove about 5 miles. Mark was ahead of me in the pickup and he suddenly pulled over, off the road.  I rolled down the window and he asked if I had Murphy?  No.  Ugh….it was going to be a long day and it would be too long to leav the Scotties home.  I drove back home and Mark and the kids waited for me.  The time was getting short and Michelle needed to get to school, so Mark started off to Canandaigua.

As I was following behind, Michelle called and said Mark thought I should just go to the garage and wait.  I turned the Explorer around and I decided I was a bit chilly, so I pushed the button to raise the front passenger window, which had been open about  1 1/2 inches.  As I pushed the button,  I heard a terrible noise.  Cannot describe it as I did have he radio on, but it did not sound good.  Well, joy of joys….the window “crashed”!

I had to drive a few miles with the bitter cold air blowing into the Explorer.  I turned the heat on high and then made my way to the garage.

Well, long story short,  the Explorer failed the inspection because of bad tires!  The fellow who did the inspection left crayon marks on the sides where the tires were exposing wear bars!  Needless to say, we will be talking to the fellow who assured us only the day before that the tires would pass and even go another 4 or 5,000 miles.

The window?  Mark decided he will fix that, as it is a relatively easy fix and he had the door panels off before to install speakers for the Explorer.  

 And so, last night, as the snow fell and the temperatures dropped, I once again faced the forces of nature, and drove my windowless passenger Explorer home.  Thankfully, it was only about 15 miles!

Believe me when I say the Jotul woodstove never looked so good and warm as it did when we arrived home!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are two photos taken yeaterday, one in the early morning and one late in the afternoon.

Morning barn.

Sun fighting clouds late afternoon.

And for grins, how about early morning artwork….