Murphy, Why are You so Cute, Anyway?

One day while shopping at Sam’s Club,  I saw a beautiful sheepskin that caught my eye.  The tag stated that the skin originated with sheep from Australia or New Zealand.  When I saw the price was about 1/3 the price it had previously been, I bought one!  They are supposed to be sheepskin rugs, but I would never put anything light colored on my floors!  No, no, no!

Thus,the  lovely sheepskin hangs on the back of a navy blue sofa in the bedroom.  As I was working in the room, I noticed Murphy was lying on the sofa.   I decided to pull the sheepskin off the back of the sofa and have Murphy sit on it.  Angus is the most terrific little “ham” when it comes to photographing him, but Murphy just doesn’t “get it”!

I tried to get the little laddie to sit nicely so I could get a lovely photo of him. Nope.  I worked with the pup for a long time and it became obvious he was not going to cooperate with me.  So…I decided to just let the little fellow do his own thing and I would follow.

After working for quite a while, Murphy just had enough!  I am not sure whether he was trying to hide from the camera or if he suddenly realized the skin was an animal skin, but….

he burrowed his face deeply under the sheepskin!

Did You See the Moon Last Night?

Oh-my-GOODNESS!  What an amazing moon!! Perhaps it wasn’t so much that the moon was*so* amazing.  It might have been the bone-chilling air that made it stand out even more.  You know, the kind of cold that if you breathe deeply, you can actually make your nostrils close and stick together?

I am so thankful for the Jotul woodstove when the temperature plunges from cold to “frigid”! I don’t mind going out into the cold so long as I have the proper attire, but it is always such a treat to walk into the house and feel any chill just fall away as the warm air wraps around you like a blanket.  That’s it, you know….a furnace might heat the house, but as the temperature begins to fall before the next cycle kicks the furnace back on,  you can actually feel chilled!  Not here.  The Jotul really is like a blanket. There are no “dead spots”.  No cold corners.  Everything is just…warm!

Jotul should pay me, you realize. 

So, back to the moon. 

Mark was busy last night, and I had to help him from time to time.  So, in between,  I would sneak out onto the back deck,  Nikon mounted to my Manfrotto monopod. This is what I got.

That last photo was a *very* long exposure!  I had kind of  secured my body and the monopod to a vertical post on the deck, hoping that “we” would not shiver too much and cause the camera to shake!

Now, earlier in the evening, just before the sun totally disapeared behind the hills to our west, the skies put on a nice exhibit of color…..breathtaking sunsets are really at a premium here in the woods, due to all the trees!

This morning, as I am writing this,  I looked out the bedroom window, and that gorgeous moon was playing peekaboo in the western sky!

As I opened the window to take that one last photo, the sky was suddenly filled with yellow plumage, as a flock of Goldfinches spooked and took off in unison. In the distance, the drone of snow-making hydrants filled the frigid air. The blast was pretty shocking, but not to fear.  The Jotul *does* have it covered, after all!