I just never will understand this family of mine.

Mark’s dad was born in the USA to Italian immigrants. Mark often talks about the delicious foods his grandmother prepared every year for Christmas and other special events.  He fondly recalls her cheese pie and all the tasty Italian dishes she made.

Being a “Heinz 57” blend myself,  I am not sold on any ethnic dishes, really.  My Ukrainian grandmother made all manner of specialties that just smelled horrible to me.  Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that,  but many times the house smelled strongly of sauerkraut and being a picky eater as a kid, cabbage was one of the last foods I would have wanted to try…..especially “fermented”!  Or, maybe I was just spoiled, as my mom, (maybe fearful I would shrivel up and blow away) often relented and silently placed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on my plate, ending my vigorous protests! I am a much better eater today…..however, there is a line I will not cross when it comes to “exotic” foods!

So, this morning,  I decided I would prepare some Crockpot Lasagna.  I don’t crave Italian foods too often, but since it is bitterly cold and windy outside,  I figured this would be a great day for a filling and tasty dish.  Mark tells me he really doesn’t like lasagna.  Nor do the kids.

I wasn’t the least discouraged by my family.  No sir!  I scrambled up a pound of ground beef and then mixed up my cheese blend.  I had bought some no-boil lasagna noodles the other day when I shopped at Wegman’s, and Mark thought I had lost my mind.  He insisted in his bachelor days when he made up Lasagna (WHO was he making it for, anyway, if he doesn’t even like it?)  he used regular noodles and never cooked them before putting them in the pan. Debatable, say I!

I placed my layers in the waiting Crockpot and turned the button to “low”.  Within about two hours, I tested the noodles and they seemed tender to me.  I turned the pot to “off” and pulled the plug.  Ben walked past the pot and turned his nose in the air, while Michelle insisted she had just had a meal of Ramen Noodles and mixed veggies(GAG!!!) a short time before.  I decided to dish up a serving, sit down, and enjoy.

I sat at the table and with the first bite,   exclaimed to any listening ears, this Lasagna was exquisite!  It really was!  I ate one serving and was stuffed.  As I went back to the kitchen,  I looked into the pot and felt so overwhelmed…..

This is a whole lotta leftover Lasagna!  Mark made his way to the kitchen,  looking for something for lunch, rejecting mine!  I got so bent out of shape,  I decided to go upstairs and read for awhile as the dish cooled so I could put it in the refrigerator.  Mark called up, several minutes later…..Could you fry up some chicken sausages for lunch for me?

With clenched jaw, I headed down the stairs, mumbling that my family is nothing short of a collection of fruitcakes!  As I entered the kitchen,  Mark was sitting in the wheelchair with his back to me.  It was clear he was holding something in his lap, however, and upon looking,  there sat that huge stoneware with the Lasagna in it….on his lap….and a fork in his hand! 

Upon being found out, Mark looked me in the eye and told me….This is the best Lasagna I have ever tasted!

Ugh.  How does one win, anyway?  He then went on to tell me the dish would have been better if I served a salad and some bread with it.

Fruitcakes, I tell ya! Fruitcakes, one and all!

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  1. I have made crockpot lasagna and I have to say it is pretty good. I still prefer it the old fashioned way, but my family will willing eat it either way. At least he did eventually try it!

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