On Such a Winter’s Day!

Egads! I took Michelle to college today and as we were going along, the snow, which had just begun, began coming down harder and harder! After dropping Michelle off, I went to WalMart for a few minutes, then decided to go to the City Pier.

I giggled out loud as I noted two huge trucks parked roadside, with new toys boats for he 2010 boating season. (Not looking so probable at the moment!!!)

Once I got back on the roads to drive home, conditions degraded as I drove!

This is the road I turned on to head up our hill!

I have to admit that I was ready to bend down and kiss the ground upon arriving safely home!  I haven’t driven in such poor conditions in years!  Since the snow came so rapidly,  the plows weren’t really able to clean the roads fast enough!

Yesterday, I was thinking about how unusual it is that we had no snow!  Just a couple of days ago, we had rain, rain, and more rain!  Now, the weather forecast is calling for blasts of Arctic air and snow.

When I got home, the snow stopped after awhile and the sun even poked out.  I got to thinking the worst was now behind us.  Then, as I began writing this entry, this….

Oh, hibernation sounds sooo enticing right now.  But realistically, our Michelle is sixteen miles from home, and someone will have to pick her up in a few hours!

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  1. Isn’t it a relief that she isn’t driving herself in this? The wind is howling here and I have a loose window that I need to fix. It’s driving me nuts. Is it really windy there?

  2. I’d be safe and warrrr-mmmm,
    If I was in L. A.
    Cali-forn-ya dreaming,
    On such a winter’s day!!!


    Not too sure how *safe* one is in LA, actually! I thought about that song, too. But you know, I wasn’t sure the music enjoyed here many years ago was shared in the UK or not!!! Gosh….The Mamas and the Papas….that is really going back a ways, eh?

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