Total Nonsense!

After my serious post last night, I figured I would show you the nonsense I pull with my camera from sheer boredom! (did I say that???)

The Christmas wreath still hangs on the front of the garage, but if you have read here during previous Christmas seasons,  you will know that it is very difficult for me to remove said wreath each  year.  Oh, it isn’t actually “hard” physically….it is just that we seem to have some warped emotional attachment that renders it hard to take down and put away the pretty bright lights of brilliant colors!  But then again, with lights malfuctioning after a year in storage, perhaps there is a subconcious reason, reckoning that we had best enjoy ALL the lights while they are still **lit** since next season,  I will probably threaten to throw them into the trash! (No….the replacements this year are LED’s and they are supposed to last a very, very long time….which we shall see!)

Surely, I digress…..

Yes, it was fun, winging the camera about in circular motions.  But don’t tell Mark….he wouldn’t understand! After all, this is purely artistic!

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  1. So cool! There is nothing wrong with keeping a wreath up (unless it’s fresh and falling apart). I have a grapevine wreath on my front porch that decorate with silk flowers and lights for the different seasons and holidays.

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