I Have Wanted….

to do this for a long time.

I forgot, though, how *cold* it is here….

looking across the way to a foreign land.

Wow…I cannot imagine riding on a ferris wheel in twmperatures below freezing!  Of course,  I cannot imagine riding a ferris wheel.  I just don’t care for them!

The falls would have been more exciting to see from the other side, but we don’t have passports!  I was concerned my fingers were going to be stuck to the shutter button….it was so cold.  But I think I mentioned that. Earlier!

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  1. Hey Mom, was it cold? I’m cold just thinking about it! Great set of photos. Did you have trouble getting good pics of the falls with it being dark? I did last time we were there. Kyle thinks your pictures and my pictures look similar…yours have snow though, mine were taken in August…it was warmer, lol!

  2. Oh Carly…it was even cold for ME! Course, the sweatshirt I was wearing wasn’t quite the warmest garment! Tis a wonder any of my photos turned out….I was shaking….literally!!!!

  3. Oh brrrrr! I’ve never been there in the winter time. I used to live near the Saint Lawrence Seaway. I used to sit on the bank of the river and look over at the land and farms on the other It seemed strange to realize it was a different country. Of course back then, we could easily go over to just eat dinner in Cornwall and come back. No passport necessary.

  4. Brrrrr indeed. Particularly as it’s near enough to 40C [~104F] here currently.

    Beautiful photos; love the lights as well. I’ve been there in summer [on the Canadian side]; should take a view from the US one day.

  5. Beautiful! I love the falls in the wintertime, but haven’t seen them iced over in several years. I feel a road trip calling…………

  6. Love the waterfall pics! Do you not have passports at all, or did you just not have them with you? I’ve not been without a passport since I was 16! (not yesterday….)

  7. Chris, passports were never manditory between the US and Canada until a year or two (?) ago. Since I’ve not traveled outside the US and Canada, I never needed a passport. Guess if I ever think about visiting Scotland, I might need one, eh???

    Thanks for the comments…..it was kinda weird at the Falls. The kids and I were walking around…we were the only ones there!!!!

  8. I meant to leave this the other night when I read it…but somehow got sidetracked! Ben and I spent every single Valentine’s Weekend at Niagara Falls, Canada while we were dating and in the early years of our marriage. It was very romantic….several of the hotels have romance packages for that very weekend. The falls would be all lit up with pink and red lights…they even had fireworks! Talk about gorgeous! And COLD. Frigid!! No matter how many layers of clothing you put on…never felt warm…ever. Many things have changed … they didn’t have the casinos back then. We probably haven’t been there in the winter since the mid-90’s…maybe 1995 or 97. All I remember is it was just beautiful! I have some amazing pictures taken out of our room window when we stayed near the top of the Marriott with a full view of the falls. Our room had a fireplace. It was amazing. Wow. Good Times. Good Memories. Thanks!! PS – Your pictures are amazing too!! When I got my driver’s license renewed, I went for the extra $$$ so I don’t have to carry my passport around all the time. We like to take the boat over to Kingston, Ontario when we are at the cottage and now we will need a passport. I think it was only an extra $30 or so.

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