Life Amongst the Wilds

Late this evening, I began to feel as though I might be coming down with a cold.  Drat!  I have walked amongst the aflicted so long without catching anything,  I was sure I was superimmune!  Yeah, sure…Used to be if anyone coughed or sneezed in a room, within minutes,  I caught a cold!  Perhaps that is an exaggeration….perhaps not!

I will never forget when I was working at JoAnn’s Fabrics.  I was waiting on a customer when she let loose with a sneeze.  Disgusting as that was,  it seemed she made no attempt to cover her facial orifices and I wound up with a shower of germ-carrying moisture all over myself.  Gross.  And yes, within days,  I was suffering a bear of a cold.

But, alas, I digress!

The symptoms were what caused me to recline on the bed to relax,  browsing the web and just enjoying doing nothing in particular.  Suddenly,  I heard the most ridiculous scream.  At first,  I thought perhaps I was hearing things, but as I listened,  I was sure I heard noises outside my window.

I got up and opened the window.  Bone-chilling screams could be heard not too far from our house.  I listened and it sounded like a scream.  I looked out the window and listened… sounded as though it had crossed the road and was now coming from a greater distance.  As I listened,  the shrieking screams diminished somewhat and changed to what sounded like a cat crying loudly.  I did see the neighbors’ outdoor lights come on, so whatever it was, it must have ca used disturbance there as well…

I have been awakened many times in the middle of the night by noises.  I realize that owls are out hunting at that time, as well as foxes and other nocturnal critters.  It sure makes it interesting for the humans nearby!

And speaking of nocturnal!  Take a gander at what the deer did in our side yard last night as we slept!

The area looks small in the photo, but it really covers a good size piece of the yard!  The deer paw at the earth, looking for goodies to eat.   This is the side of the house where the birdfeeder is located, so perhaps they were digging for sunflower seeds.

I was looking thorugh the photos I took at the park the other day and came across this one that I really like of s Nuthatch sitting on Kim’s hand.

And one more…..

The little Black-Capped Chickadee was opening wide to grab a seed!

I shall go back to my reclined resting mode once again.   I would rather think about dear little birdies nearly weightlessly lighting upon my hand than nasty raptors swooping down to make a meal on some poor unsuspecting animal who just happens to seem like a suitable meal! Argh!

Oh, and I hope the Scottie boys emptied their “tanks” well when they were out earlier…..I am in no hurry to go outside into the night tonight!