As Close to Paradise….

as I can imagine, here on this corruptable planet!

My friend, Kim, called a couple of days ago, wanting to know if we could get together to “shoot”. (Photos, that is! We are both shutterbugs!)  I was so thrilled, I jumped at the chance.  And, it happened that Carly told me about a public park  a day or two before.  The park is located not far from the city of Rochester, New York,  and it has trails where one can feed the birds and they will actually land on your hands.  I don’t know about you, but I find that remarkable!

The weather could not have cooperated more wonderfully, with the temperature rising up above freezing.  Thankfully, Kim knew the way to the park and we hopped out of her car.  The next question was Where do we go from here?  There happened to be some women going into a nearby building, so I asked.  Follow the path in front of you!

And so we did.

We wandered along a wide snow-covered path and it wasn’t long until a tiny Chickadee landed in a tree branch above our heads and called out Chick-a-dee-dee-dee!  We figured that translated to something like Feed me!  Kim and I both had brought along some seeds, so we placed them in our hands and waited.  Within seconds,  the birds came.

Feather along the path….

Bird taking flight from Michelle’s hand…..

Nuthatch feeding from Michelle’s hand…..

Timothy Titmouse posing (quite nicely, I must say!)….

Chickadee resting on Michelle’s glove before grabbing a seed….

We found that as the birds excitedly announced our arrival,  some other critters became very interested as well.

After that little squirrel nearly climbed into my ziplock bag of seeds, Kim generously left him his own little offering before we moved on!

We chatted with a very nice couple along the path and shared bird stories.  And, Michelle just kept loving the fact that the birds came so freely and willingly to rest upon her hand for some more seeds!

We passed several more people who were also quite taken by the birds.

Then we began working our way along the path towards Kim’s car. As we moved along, we suddenly came upon a lively flock of bright red birds! 

Yes, there were Cardinals! They didn’t come to our hands, but they were certainly much tamer than the Cardinals found in the Bristolwood!  They actually sat still enough for long enough so I could get some fairly nice photos of them!  I was over the moon!

I didn’t take the 200mm lens with me. I should have because I could have done much better.

In the meantime, am I happy with the photos I got?  Yes, yes, YES! 

Paradise, I tell ya.  Okay, so not everyone dreams of a snowy Paradise, but in my mind…..P-E-R-F-E-C-T!