More Weather and More

Lately, it seems like weather is on the minds of folks everywhere!  For us,  the weather story is the same day after day with snow showers in the forecast.  The only variable of late is the temperature which fluctuates from near freezing to going into the deep freeze!

Since I was sneaking out to the woodshed to grab some firewood,  I thought I had better take my camera along with me.

I also sneaked in to take a peek at Mark and Michelle’s projects they have been working on….they are nearly done, so I guess I will just let you see what they have been doing.  The projects themselves have not taken much time, but Mark and Michelle  have been working sporadically.

Oak is not favorable for a chopping block or cutting board because of its open grain. Cherry isn’t used as it is considered a soft hardwood.  In all honesty, these boards were more experimental than anything, as Mark wanted to see if he could make them.

Mark said he just needs to do some sanding and then I will seal them, using Mineral Oil.  I cannot wait until the oil is applied…they are going to be so pretty!

Mark discovered the hardwood retailer located about eight miles from our house sells not only common woods, but also some exotic woods.  Mark loves woodworking and is thinking about going to the store to get some more boards to make more projects. I love it, as I enjoy Mark’s wood projects!

In other news of the day, Michelle received a letter from college today, stating she was named to the Dean’s List for the fall/winter semester of college. The letter advised that many scholastic scholarships are available and encouraged Michelle to apply. She was so excited…she enjoyed school so much and is looking forward to the beginning of the new semester.