Warm and Cozy, no Matter the Weather!

This morning,  I finally got the camera and took it outside to capture the little LED lights buried in the snow on the front railing of the porch.  I smiled as I thought back to something my dad said years ago.  He said Christmas lights just weren’t very pretty until the snow came and they glowed beneath their white mantle!

I think he was right!

Today was another snowy day with little accumulation.  At one point, I walked out the back door and there in the woods, just beyond the swingset was Mr. Pileated Woodpecker.  He screamed out his distinct “cuck,cuck,cuck,cuck”! It is a very shrill and unique call….drat!  Who would think to carry a camera out to get firewood, anyway?   He did make me think, though…..since he is such a flighty and evasive adversary,  I might put up a bag of suet on the swingset to see if I can cunningly attract him to come closer to the house!

I started a fire in the small Jotul out in the garage as Michelle and Mark wanted to work o their “project” again.  Poor Mark….he was ready to go out early this afternoon and he wasn’t aware I had already built the fire earlier in the day.  I told him I would race out ahead of him to make a fire and he believed me!

He was shocked as he entered the garage and found it warm enough to work in just a sweater! Our thermometer on the front porch read well below freezing today, so heating a frigid garage is quite a feat.  To be able to warm to”comfortable”  just boggles my mind!

This little stove is much smaller than the one in the house.  In fact, we originally bought this stove for the house.  It was on display at a bank and when I saw it,  I fell in love with it.   Mark and I were building our house at the time, and we decided to buy it after Mark’s research verified it was a good little stove!

I’ll never forget the day we brought the little stove home.  It was around Christmas time and my parents were following us to the new house in their car.  It was about 50 miles from the store to the house.  We fought all kinds of insane traffic, then began our journey.  We reached the house and getting the stove inside was another challenge.

We had a little ramp leading up several feet in the air to the front door of the house.  We had no front porch, nor stairs! The house, in fact, was merely framed….I don’t think we even had insulated it yet!  I remember not only was the ramp a challenge, but the ground was very muddy as well!  Thankfully, the little stove did indeed make it inside and we used it for a few years.  As we worked on the house,  we would drive down here and to our surprise,  when we opened the front door, there would be a small pile of firewood neatly stacked inside, just waiting for us.  What wonderful neighbors we had!

Since the Jotul 3 has a rather tiny firebox,  I was finding I needed to add wood throughout the night.  This grew tiresome and when we saw the Firelight,  we jumped at the chance to purchase it when offered a sweet deal!

And, for those curious about what Mark and Michelle did in the garage yesterday and today, here is a visual clue….

Well, okay, it is kind of hard to tell what you are seeing, so here is a(nother) clue……those are strips of red oak and cherry wood that were grown right here on our property and at the neighbors’ across the road.   Several years ago, before the spinal injury, Mark and another neighbor formed a sawmill from steel. Mark could actually make boards from trees using his chainsaw. Whenever Mark had to cut down a tree because we were building,  he would then mill the first eight or ten feet of the tree into boards.  We neatly stacked hundreds of board feet of lumber with little “stickers” (pieces of wood) between the layers so they could naturally air dry.  Those boards were left in the weather for probably five years, and then we carried them into the garage so they no longer had to sit outdoors.  We have quite a nice selection of lumber!

I will continue showing the project as it progresses.

In the meantime, we are warm and cozy in both the house or the garage!  With an abundance of firewood stacked in the woodshed this year, we needn’t fear cold at all!