One of my *Not* resolutions……

was that I would try to post an entry each day here on my blog.

Phooey! I have no photos today! 

The kids and I went out early this  morning to deal with the snow so Mark could plow with the ATV.  While shoveling,  I must have pulled something in my back, or twisted funny, as my back grumbled a great deal the rest of the day.

I was able to find another fun activity, though…..namely, going through what seems like zillions of receipts for items bought this year. I checked them with the statements issued by the credit card company, as well as our bank statements.  I worked on these until I thought my eyeballs would spin out of their sockets.  I had just leaned back and thought how comforting my bed would be when Ben came to the rescue, offering to further help me.  We worked together for a couple more hours, sorting and filing until we both vowed we were going to open the window and just let them sail away in the bitter winds~

I also made some hot dog buns today.  I had bought some Kosher hotdogs that I like, but they are incredibly large.  No matter what kind of buns I have bought, they always seem to come up short.  So,  I actually made the buns from scratch, even kneading them by hand!  I made up a batch of eight, and when I removed them from the oven,  Ben and Michelle were both razzle-bedazzled by their beautiful golden color.  I made eight and we each had one.  Ben and Michelle said they were good, but Mark didn’t comment….he had spent some time in the garage today, working on a wood project with Michelle.  I had made a fire in the little Jotul out there so they were relatively warm,  but they both came in and went almost immediately to bed!

The weather is the big news here….seems snow is in the forecast….over and over! Hopefully, my back will straighten back out by tomorrow! As an aside, we only got about 6 inches of the fluff, whereas my parents saw nearly 36 inches! How I miss living in the snowbelt….