Not Such a Great Start!

Blah! Humbug!

I am fine, but I just want to rest, rest, rest.  I am tired…so tired, I didn’t hear the alarm clock when it went off at six.  I usually am awake well before the alarm, so it was quite the shock when Murphy whined and awakened me this morning!

Later this morning,  Michelle and I heard a strange noise outside.  It sounded like a bird making a weird noise, so Michelle stepped outside onto the porch.  In a few minutes, she came back in, looking rather “green”!  I looked to see a large hawk with a small animal in its clutches….the animal was what was making all the noise. 

The kids had gone to a New Years’ party over in Middlesex last night.  They went sledding first,  then afterward, went to the church for an evening of watching movies and eating tons of junk food!  I managed to drive them there and then picked Michelle up at ten, while Ben spent the night with a few other guys.  (I don’t think Ben slept all night!)

Today was just a day of hanging around the house.  The kids slept some and watched tv.  Mark and I did go out to pick up some Chinese late this afternoon.  I was starving, as food sounded dreadful yesterday.  I did eat a piece of toast and a gingerbread man.  I was able to eat some Chinese today and it tasted soooo good! I suppose part of my feeling so tired is directly attributed to lack of food!

The good news is that I didn’t get what the kids had….they had a flu with a vengeance. It seems like no matter where we go lately, everyone is sick or knows someone who is sick!  My mom and Carly are both suffering with terrible colds.  Carly had to go to the Dr and is now on antibiotics, as she was diagnosed with bronchitis.  I *am* counting my blessings! 

Now I am curious….does anyone make new year’s resolutions?  I tend to stay far from such things, as I hate broken promises!  I do intend to spend more time with my camera.  It has been sitting far too much inside its bag, feeling lonely!

Well, Happy New Year to all my readers, and I pray that 2010 will be a year of peace, love, and joy for all! God bless!