Meet Baby


Thia morning,  I wandered into Michelle’s room as she was on her laptop. I sat down on her bed and my eyes lit upon Baby.  I picked her up and looked at her, amazed at her rather fine condition, considering!  Michelle an I began laughing as we recounted many memories of Baby!

Michelle was born in November, and for her first Chrsitmas,  my mother sent money to purchase a Madame Alexander Doll from a toy store in Canandaigua.  The shop offered several baby dolls, but as I looked them over and over before deciding,  I thought that the little baby in pink was the cutest! And so, Baby came home for Michelle’s first Christmas!

As soon as Michelle realized that the doll was her doll, she dragged her everywhere.  If you saw Michelle,  Baby was never far behind.  There were a few times that I had to go out into the night to look for Baby.  One night, she was left on a rock down in the front yard.  Michelle could not sleep well until Baby was wrapped snuggly in her arms!

The first time I put Baby into the washing machine for a “bath”, Michelle nearly went ballistic!  I assured her Baby would come out clean as a whistle, and she did indeed survive that washing, as well as a few more!  Baby has a squeaker in her derriere, and when she gets washed, it ceases to squeak, but after a thorough drying, she is good as new!

Michelle never wanted to come up with a “real” name for her dolly…Baby just seemed like the most fitting name for her! And after sixteen years, she still looks pretty good for a much-loved doll!

A Poetic Moment…

Having two Scottie dogs means that I get out early in the morning.  I know a lot of people would consider this more of a “curse” than a “blessing”,  but for me, it is no problem at all. And, sometimes, it even *inpsires* me! Truly!

This morning was inspiration for sure! I looked out at the thermometer and decided on some warm outerwear! According to the information I have on my desktop, it is 8 degrees Fahrenheit in Canandaigua, or -11.8 degrees Celsius.  Well, whatever the temperature there, we are colder because of our higher elevation. 

I left my warm and cozy bathrobe on and tugged on a down filled coat over it.  Most assuredly, I sat on the stairs and pulled on my winter boots.  No hat or mittens were necessary, as the wind is negligible!

The Scotties and I walked out on the porch and it was evident right away that it was cold….the kind of cold that if you inhale deeply through your nose, you can actually make your nostrils stick together.  The kind of cold that when you walk, there is no way to be silent, as the snow crunches under your weight no matter how lightly you step!

The boys love the cold and snow, but this morning, they did not linger,  tending to their business and then making a beeline for the house!  And as I followed behind their tugging leads,  my mind was racing as I felt breathless at what greeted us! Yes, I hurried into the house and grabbed the camera….

diamonds in the snow.small

(This is one time when I wish the background on my blog was black!)

As I walked in the snow,  listening to it moaning under my feet, a sort of rhythm formed…

I am one of the wealthiest people I know, for I own acres of diamonds, diamonds in the snow!

So, for those who have a “poetic bent”,  I was thinking…would you like to add on to my “poem”?

One Annual Visit

 I hate to admit it, but in all of the busyness that seems to have overtaken our lives this year,  both Mark and I nearly forgot to take one trip!  This trip is rather important to Mark, as he has been faithful to make sure there is always some form of decoration on his dad’s grave. 

Before visiting the grave, we make a stop at the beautiful store across the street from Forest Haven.  This farm market sells wreathes and Chrsitmas trees and decor.  We generally have made this trip far sooner than this and  are able to pick out little decorations for the wreath.  I remember the first Christmas season after Mark’s father passed away, we were all near tears as we watched the young girl putting together a wreath for the grave.  Because we came so late this year,  we had to choose a ready-made wreath.

powers farm market.small

massive and beautiful store.small

wreaths for sale.small

mmm juicy apples.small

The store has an active beehive inside a glass display complete with tubes running to the outside in which the bees can travel.  It was incredible seeing the bees in the hive….

bee hive display.small

My favorite place in this store is on one end….

giant cozy fireplace.small

another look at the fireplace.small

I think this building is the largest log building I have ever seen and the fireplace is mammoth!

above the fireplace.small

I turned off the flash and I love this warm and cozy photo!!!

very warm and welcome fire.small

the new wreath on grandpas grave.small

pretty gazebo at the cemetery decorated.small

The following was probably my favorite photo of the day. I love the lighting and color! (oh, and snow!)

snowy stop sign.small

Me Stressed? You Gotta be Kidding!

Okay, so we *did* have a bit of a Chinese Fire Drill the other day when I awakened my kids early Monday morning for their early morning dental cleaning….only to drive the seven miles to the dentist to discover the appointment was today!  The gentle receptionist did take mercy on me, not laughing at me at all. 

So, this morning, we wre up and at it early again!  This time, we arrived and I parked the truck.  After getting out and beginning to walk toward the dentist’s office, I noticed I needed to pull the truck forward.  I told the kids to go on in the office and I would be right in.  As I walked toward the truck,  I noticed something stuck in the grill on the front. Drat…a little Chickadee.  I had to pull it out and that kind of threw me over the edge!  The other day,  when we removed the back of the woodstove,  Mark wondered what the “blue thing” back in the corner of the stove might be.  I could barely believe my eyes as I removed a perfect little male Bluebird. He must have come down the chimney and been unable to escape.  It must have happened a few months ago while we weren’t home….the bird weighed nothing, but was in perfect condition. 

So, to relieve my stress,  I decided to take a little walk down Main Street and take photos of some of the businesses since they are decked out for Christmas! Of course, the snow falling around me added a little “something” to the atmosphere….

Naples 1.small

Naples 2.small

Naples 3.small

Naples 4.small

Naples 5.small

Naples 6.small

Naples 7.small

Naples 8.small

Naples 9.small

Naples 10.small

Naples 11.small

Naples 12.small

Naples 13.small

Naples 14.small

Naples 15.small

Michelle had her last fencing class of this semester today so I dropped her off and did some shopping.  When I went to pick her up,  the day was slowly drawing to a close and the skies filled with honking as hundreds of thousands of Canada Geese moved toward the lake!

thousands of canada geese over finger lakes community college.small

Neigh! Neigh!

Grumble….grumble….complain!  Yeah, that was me late this afternoon as I had to drive to Canandaigua to retrieve our Michelle.  There was a little snow in the air and it just seemed so hard to go out….

I did indeed go out, however.  Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but my lovely Jotul stove is lying about the house in pieces!  Yes!  That stove that so quietly heats the house without complaint had some problems when we inspected it this heating season. Mark has ordered new parts and hopefully, they will soon be here.  In the meantime, we sure have a lot of firewood waiting to be consumed!

But, I digress….

I went to several stores in Canandaigua to look for some minor things we needed for the stove.  The last stop on my little list was WalMart.  I parked the Explorer and was about to walk to the door when I spotted an awesome sight.

Quick, Ben! Grab my camera!

Ben delivered my camera to me, then raced off to the store, possibly being humiliated by his mother’s nonsense! I did hear him murmur something about needing to check my camera bag in at cutomer service, though.

I nonchalantly walked along the parking lot, nearly becoming one with the pavement when a car came a little too close for comfort!  That’s okay, though, as my photos shot in darkness with snow falling like crazy turned out pretty well!

horse waiting outside walmart.small

horse waiting outside walmart 2.small

Now, it wasn’t late at night, but man, oh MAN! I wouldn’t want to be driving a horse and buggy on the big highway in Canandaigua in a snowstorm on a cold night!  I really was shocked!

I went inside the store.  When the greeter looked toward my camera bag, I pulled the cover back, revealing my camera.  I merely smiled and told her I didn’t want to leave it in the car.  She nodded and said she wouldn’t leave it, either!

I picked up all the things I needed and went to the checkout.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw a young couple with a wee baby heading towards the horse and buggy.  It was unclear to me if they were Plain Mennonite or Amish, but boy did they boogie on out of the parking lot quickly!

So, what did I learn?  Well, shame on me for grumbling about going out today. After all, I don’t have to hitch up a horse and buggy!!! I have a warm vehicle with heat and lights and all the conveniences I need!  We won’t talk about the little ABS light that beamed at me as we basically SLID down the hill and into our driveway, making it home safe and sound, though…..

Still no Angus Photo!

Yes, I am afraid Angus just does not want to cooperate with me!!!  Well, not really. It is just that there is so much going on around here,  I have not had the time (or energy) to photograph the little fellow.

The kids had a friend over yesterday and they went sledding for awhile, ate, then went down to Naples for a concert.  I was so pooped after running around!  I was also trying to watch a Sabres game between taking two runs to Naples, so it was really crazy! Thankfully, the Sabres won. Yay!

Here are a few photos for your perusal, taken throughout last week.  I am seriously loving the Nikon D-90 and would recommend it to anyone looking into buying a great D-SLR. 

sun rising on wegmans barn.small

wanted dead or alive.small

gift from pastor bert and janine.small

shot with new lens.small


artistic shot.small

downtown naples last night.small

The weather today was quite frightful….it wasn’t cold or blustery, but rather warm and springlike, complete with rain! Somehow, cold rain feels much more chilling than snow this time of the year.  Mark needed to do a little repair on the ATV before finally plowing the driveway.  By the time he got out there,  he was plowing the wettest slush!  Hopefully, it will remain warm enough tomorrow to finish melting all the slush from the driveway so it is clear before we get another Arctic blast midweek.

Tomorrow looks like another active day.  The kids have an early morning dental cleaning and in the afternoon, we are expected at Mark’s mom’s house.  Didn’t I mention that wintry weather was a time for *hibernation*?  Well, perhaps after Christmas?

It Seems Impossible….

But our little Angus turned seven years old today!

Unfortunately, I had a splitting headache all day long; I suppose the change in weather might account for that. I did not get a photo of the “birthday boy”,  but I did catch Murphy…..

poor murphy.small

Yes, he is wearing Michelle’s hat….not sure *who* spends more time wearing it….Michelle or Murphy.

poor murphy 2.small

Yes, the wee laddie was embarrassed!!!

Happy Birthday Angus!!!! Tomorrow, YOUR photo!!!

On a Cold and Blustery Winter Morn….

Last night, the winds moaned and howled to no avail! I was awakened a couple of times during the night, and I imagine it was the noise that aroused me.

Michelle was off o an early morning start today, so we headed down the driveway before the sun had risen here on the hill.  As we made our way up the hill,  I just had to stop and take a couple of photos. The sky was just amazing.  The sun was rising behind the clouds and it was brilliant!  The clouds were tinged in a golden outline that was indescribable.

gorgeous golds thru the pines.small

beautiful sunrise.small


sun rising this morning.small

The winds are expected to remain until early this evening but there is also a possibility of snow.  We are very cloud-covered right now but the sun is making a (very) valliant attempt to shine!

Weather Roller Coaster in Full Swing!

This morning,  we awakened to snow. It was still dark when I took the Scottie boys out and as I stood outside with them,  the snow switched over to rain.  Yuck. 

Michelle had a class this afternoon, so I got ready to take her.  As the Explorer slithered down the driveway, it was more like a ride on a sled than a vehicle with tires.  We slid our way down, ABS brakes pulsating all the way!

As soon as we were down off the driveway, things were looking up.  The roads were clear and fine for travel.  I dropped Michelle at college, then went for a little ride in the country.

three winter ponies.small

beautiful winter scene,small

I love the little snowman outside the Mennonite school…..

happy winter scene.small

I decided to just sit and relax for a little while, so I drove back to Canandaigua and parked at a plaza.  As I sat there feeling warm and cozy in the Explorer,  the rain came down in torrents!

raindrops on my windshield.small

Just a little later, the sun tried so hard to poke through the clouds…..

sun trying to break through nasty clouds.small

I picked Michelle up from her class and then we headed over to Taco Bell, as she had a hankering for a potato burrito. As I stopped at the light,  I decided to try to photograph the Canandaigua Federal Credit Union’s display of lights.  They always have the most colorful display of all!

taken at the stop light through windshield in the dark.small

Not too shabby for being taken through the windshield!

I am truly loving the Nikon D-90.  What more can I say? 

Michelle had to make a trip to the library to return some materials she borrowed.  We drove across town and she returned her stuff.  As we began our trip home,  I pulled over at one of the churches downtown.  I just love their Good Shepherd stained glass window, and you have no idea how thrilled I was to get a fairly good capture!

my favorite stained glass window in canandaigua.small

A rather diverse collection of photos today!