Out with the Old Year….In with the New!

With a title like the one above, one would possibly expect some sage and profound words to follow. Alas…I have none!

I was awakened this morning with a revolting stomach!  Last night, as I fell asleep, my stomach was making sounds as though churning butter!  This morning,  it is quiet,  having dispersed any annoying  intruders!  I don’t feel “sick” at all, but not exactly “chipper”, either…

Thus, I am spending time lying on my bed, as suggested by Michelle.  I am following her advice, as I hold her in high esteem after she received her grades from her first semester at college yesterday.  She achieved six A’s for a perfect 4.0 average.  I am so happy for her but I knew she was a serious student!

Just before plopping back onto the bed,  I decided to (finally) photograph a rather interesting phenomenon. Interesting to me, at least. 

See the area where all the leaves are rustled about?  That is where the deer spend their nights.  It is only about a hundred feet from our house.  I think it amazing they want to be so close to humans!  I must admit, though, this is the side of the house the birdfeeder is mounted on, so perhaps that might be the draw. 

While I was taking the photo above, a little squirrel scampered up a nearby tree, acorn firmly clenched in its mouth.  While that in and of itself isn’t really photo-worthy,  I was impressed that I actually caught the outer piece of the acorn as it was about to fall!

Oh, and the squirrel does *not* have a bad case of dandruff….it is snowing!