Yes, it IS Cold Outside

I was awakened this morning at about 4 to the sound of wind gusts slamming the side of the house.  From the sound of the blows,  I was expecting the house to leave its foundation and float off eastward.  We have had hefty winds here before, but this one really took the cake!

I did what any sane person would have done under the circumstances and rolled over,  falling back to sleep.  When I did awaken later,  I wondered if perhaps the earlier arousal was merely a dream….

I went downstairs and fed the two hungry Scotties and prepared the woodstove for a fire.  It was still warm and cozy from the previous fire, so there was no hurry.  As the Scotties finished their meal,  I pulled on a down coat and boots. It was then that I looked out the front window at the thermometer on the porch.  Yikes! It was zero. Zero, Fahrenheit, or about -18, Celsius!

The Scotties and I went out and the blowing snow stung at my eyes.  Thankfully,my short-legged companions went about their business in a timely manner and we headed back inside!

Late in the afternoon, the skies finally began clearing and the winds died out so it wasn’t quite as painful to slip outdoors!  I thought I would have no photos, but when I looked out the upstairs bedroom window, the trees looked almost “pretty” against the setting sun.

After taking the photo, I noticed a small band of frost on the outside of the double-pane window….I have never seen that before, but this cold arcticlike blast came on so suddenly, the house wasn’t probably warm enough to counteract the effects of the big chill!