Ah, the Dog’s Life….

Wouldn’t it be nice to curl up into a ball on a soft little bed and sleep the day away?  No bills to worry you. No appointments to keep….Your only concern is when the next round of kibble will hit the bowl!  Ah, the life of a dog!

Today’s weather was miserable.  No, it wasn’t a blizzard or even a snowstorm. Instead, we were pelted by hours and hours of rain.  Yes, I can hear my Scottish readers chuckling.  Chuckle if you must,  but this is the northeastern part of the US, where we have traditionally enjoyed winter sports and fun *with* snow!  Rain?  Ugh!

I shan’t persue the murmurings caused by this ugly weather, as it is no use to grumble.  I will tell you, however,  I have not acquired a wet suit for my camera, so there was no opportunity for photos today.  It really was *that* wet,  so much so that I would not remove my camera from its cozy little nest in the camera bag!

And so….I will share two photos I took yesterday. (I have already shown these on Facebook)

Yesterday, as we did the gift unwrapping around the Christmas tree, the two Scotties were roused to come join us.  Now, these Scotties are as different as night and day.  Angus is just downright intense, while Murphy….well, he is just happy to “be”! I must make note here,  though, perhaps some of Angus’s anxious behavior can be attributed directly to Mark.  After all, every year, the Scotties get a little something. And, every year,  Mark teases Angus to rip the paper from the package!

Mark wanted to have Angus open a box of “cookies” I bought for the boys, but I pleaded with him to wait until we were nearly done.  Mark decided to wait.  But did Angus “get it”?  Well…..

angus randomly sits pretty for more cookies.small

Angus randomly sat upright, begging as we opened presents!  He figured if he looked really cute, someone would take pity on his soul and open up the treats and pass them out.  Yes, he figured correctly, as Mark just had to open the box so Angus and Murphy could have some goodies.  And yes, Angus performs, and Murphy reaps the bennies!!!

murphy wishes everyone merry christmas.small

After all, Murphy just wants to look cute so everyone will give *him* some goodies!

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  1. Too funny! Jeff went to McDonalds yesterday and got Joe a plain humburger. I told him I was planning to get him one on his birthday next week, but Jeff said poor Joey didn’t get a Christmas present! Joe isn’t spoiled or anything!

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