and to All, a Good Night….

and to all a good night.small

Okay, so this might not exactly be a self-explanatory photo….

When we arrived home from our shopping trip,  Angus was thrilled to be home with his family.  His little doggie bed somehow wound up in the laundry basket.  Well,  although that basket stands a good twice his height, Angus thinks nothing of making like an aardvark and hopping straight into the air and landing inside the basket.  Once he was inside, he propped his head up on the side….exposing his “gooshie” (as Michelle calls his nose!).

I’m not sure what Scottie visions involve, but perhaps a good squirrel chasing…certainly not sugarplums!

Merry Christmas!  *** I hope you will take the time to peruse my previous post as well!***

A Look at Canandaigua on Christmas Eve

Mark and I went out to do some last minute shopping in Canandaigua late this afternoon.  As we drove into town, Mark inquired what I wanted to do first.  Why, head down to the City Pier, of course!  After all, I had some cracked corn to feed my web-footed friends. 

As soon as we stopped the truck, this little fellow looked as though he was running toward me! How did he know?

waddling over for a bite.small

He was not alone, after all….

feeding fiasco.small

Awesome little duckprints!!!

duckprints in the snow.small

geese coming in for a landing,small

The building that is boarded over was a good Italian restaurant. Behind it was a rather run down, dismal trailer park.  Both restaurant and trailer park have been vacated as new buildings will be going up there.  As I recall,  I think they are going to be either apartments or condos with upscale stores on ground level.  Should be interesting to see how this all plays out!


After enjoying watching the ducks eat,  we headed over to Wegman’s where the parking lot was full to overflowing.  Mark finally found a spot far away from the store and I walked. And walked. And walked some more!  Fearful of what I might face upon entering the store,  I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was shopping less than stressful,  but getting through the checkout was a snap!  Kudos to Wegman’s for a job well done! I must comment, however,  I have never seen so many employees in the store at one time!

After Wegman’s, we hopped over to WalMart for a few items.  What came as a total surprise was seeing the parking lot with spaces open!  Once again, many employees working made for a smooth and painless passage through the store. The big difference between Wegman’s and WalMart  was the fact that Wegman’s was restocking and WalMart looked as though the store had been ransacked!

Another stop at Lowe’s and we were done! We picked up some food for the kids and were on our way when I told Mark I would like to stop for a few minutes in downown Canandaigua to take a few photos.  This is your lucky day as I shall now bore you to tears with photos of Canandaigua late afternoon, early evening! Enjoy!

canandaigua christmas eve 1.small

canandaigua christmas eve 2,small

canandaigua christmas eve 3.small

canandaigua christmas eve 4.small

canandaigua christmas eve 5.small

canandaigua christmas eve 6.small

canandaigua christmas eve 7.small

canandaigua christmas eve 8.small

canandaigua christmas eve 9.small

canandaigua christmas eve 10.small

canandaigua christmas eve 11.small

canandaigua christmas eve 12.small

canandaigua christmas eve 13.small

canandaigua christmas eve 14.small

canandaigua christmas eve 15.small

canandaigua christmas eve 16.small

canandaigua christmas eve 17.small

canandaigua christmas eve 18.small

canandaigua christmas eve 19.small

canandaigua christmas eve 20.small

canandaigua christmas eve 21.small

canandaigua christmas eve 22.small

canandaigua christmas eve 23.small

This is certainly not an all-inclusive look at city businesses.  I merely walked around Main Street a bit, snapping some of the *blingiest* windows.  There were many others!

canandaigua christmas eve 24.small

canandaigua christmas eve 25.small

The dome building in the next photo is the Ontario County Courthouse, as Canandaigua is the county seat.

canandaigua christmas eve 26.small

As you can see, there were many vehicles on the road….shoppers rushing home with their treasures, just like the song Silver Bells portrays!