Meet Baby


Thia morning,  I wandered into Michelle’s room as she was on her laptop. I sat down on her bed and my eyes lit upon Baby.  I picked her up and looked at her, amazed at her rather fine condition, considering!  Michelle an I began laughing as we recounted many memories of Baby!

Michelle was born in November, and for her first Chrsitmas,  my mother sent money to purchase a Madame Alexander Doll from a toy store in Canandaigua.  The shop offered several baby dolls, but as I looked them over and over before deciding,  I thought that the little baby in pink was the cutest! And so, Baby came home for Michelle’s first Christmas!

As soon as Michelle realized that the doll was her doll, she dragged her everywhere.  If you saw Michelle,  Baby was never far behind.  There were a few times that I had to go out into the night to look for Baby.  One night, she was left on a rock down in the front yard.  Michelle could not sleep well until Baby was wrapped snuggly in her arms!

The first time I put Baby into the washing machine for a “bath”, Michelle nearly went ballistic!  I assured her Baby would come out clean as a whistle, and she did indeed survive that washing, as well as a few more!  Baby has a squeaker in her derriere, and when she gets washed, it ceases to squeak, but after a thorough drying, she is good as new!

Michelle never wanted to come up with a “real” name for her dolly…Baby just seemed like the most fitting name for her! And after sixteen years, she still looks pretty good for a much-loved doll!