A Poetic Moment…

Having two Scottie dogs means that I get out early in the morning.  I know a lot of people would consider this more of a “curse” than a “blessing”,  but for me, it is no problem at all. And, sometimes, it even *inpsires* me! Truly!

This morning was inspiration for sure! I looked out at the thermometer and decided on some warm outerwear! According to the information I have on my desktop, it is 8 degrees Fahrenheit in Canandaigua, or -11.8 degrees Celsius.  Well, whatever the temperature there, we are colder because of our higher elevation. 

I left my warm and cozy bathrobe on and tugged on a down filled coat over it.  Most assuredly, I sat on the stairs and pulled on my winter boots.  No hat or mittens were necessary, as the wind is negligible!

The Scotties and I walked out on the porch and it was evident right away that it was cold….the kind of cold that if you inhale deeply through your nose, you can actually make your nostrils stick together.  The kind of cold that when you walk, there is no way to be silent, as the snow crunches under your weight no matter how lightly you step!

The boys love the cold and snow, but this morning, they did not linger,  tending to their business and then making a beeline for the house!  And as I followed behind their tugging leads,  my mind was racing as I felt breathless at what greeted us! Yes, I hurried into the house and grabbed the camera….

diamonds in the snow.small

(This is one time when I wish the background on my blog was black!)

As I walked in the snow,  listening to it moaning under my feet, a sort of rhythm formed…

I am one of the wealthiest people I know, for I own acres of diamonds, diamonds in the snow!

So, for those who have a “poetic bent”,  I was thinking…would you like to add on to my “poem”?