One Annual Visit

 I hate to admit it, but in all of the busyness that seems to have overtaken our lives this year,  both Mark and I nearly forgot to take one trip!  This trip is rather important to Mark, as he has been faithful to make sure there is always some form of decoration on his dad’s grave. 

Before visiting the grave, we make a stop at the beautiful store across the street from Forest Haven.  This farm market sells wreathes and Chrsitmas trees and decor.  We generally have made this trip far sooner than this and  are able to pick out little decorations for the wreath.  I remember the first Christmas season after Mark’s father passed away, we were all near tears as we watched the young girl putting together a wreath for the grave.  Because we came so late this year,  we had to choose a ready-made wreath.

powers farm market.small

massive and beautiful store.small

wreaths for sale.small

mmm juicy apples.small

The store has an active beehive inside a glass display complete with tubes running to the outside in which the bees can travel.  It was incredible seeing the bees in the hive….

bee hive display.small

My favorite place in this store is on one end….

giant cozy fireplace.small

another look at the fireplace.small

I think this building is the largest log building I have ever seen and the fireplace is mammoth!

above the fireplace.small

I turned off the flash and I love this warm and cozy photo!!!

very warm and welcome fire.small

the new wreath on grandpas grave.small

pretty gazebo at the cemetery decorated.small

The following was probably my favorite photo of the day. I love the lighting and color! (oh, and snow!)

snowy stop sign.small

Me Stressed? You Gotta be Kidding!

Okay, so we *did* have a bit of a Chinese Fire Drill the other day when I awakened my kids early Monday morning for their early morning dental cleaning….only to drive the seven miles to the dentist to discover the appointment was today!  The gentle receptionist did take mercy on me, not laughing at me at all. 

So, this morning, we wre up and at it early again!  This time, we arrived and I parked the truck.  After getting out and beginning to walk toward the dentist’s office, I noticed I needed to pull the truck forward.  I told the kids to go on in the office and I would be right in.  As I walked toward the truck,  I noticed something stuck in the grill on the front. Drat…a little Chickadee.  I had to pull it out and that kind of threw me over the edge!  The other day,  when we removed the back of the woodstove,  Mark wondered what the “blue thing” back in the corner of the stove might be.  I could barely believe my eyes as I removed a perfect little male Bluebird. He must have come down the chimney and been unable to escape.  It must have happened a few months ago while we weren’t home….the bird weighed nothing, but was in perfect condition. 

So, to relieve my stress,  I decided to take a little walk down Main Street and take photos of some of the businesses since they are decked out for Christmas! Of course, the snow falling around me added a little “something” to the atmosphere….

Naples 1.small

Naples 2.small

Naples 3.small

Naples 4.small

Naples 5.small

Naples 6.small

Naples 7.small

Naples 8.small

Naples 9.small

Naples 10.small

Naples 11.small

Naples 12.small

Naples 13.small

Naples 14.small

Naples 15.small

Michelle had her last fencing class of this semester today so I dropped her off and did some shopping.  When I went to pick her up,  the day was slowly drawing to a close and the skies filled with honking as hundreds of thousands of Canada Geese moved toward the lake!

thousands of canada geese over finger lakes community college.small