Neigh! Neigh!

Grumble….grumble….complain!  Yeah, that was me late this afternoon as I had to drive to Canandaigua to retrieve our Michelle.  There was a little snow in the air and it just seemed so hard to go out….

I did indeed go out, however.  Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but my lovely Jotul stove is lying about the house in pieces!  Yes!  That stove that so quietly heats the house without complaint had some problems when we inspected it this heating season. Mark has ordered new parts and hopefully, they will soon be here.  In the meantime, we sure have a lot of firewood waiting to be consumed!

But, I digress….

I went to several stores in Canandaigua to look for some minor things we needed for the stove.  The last stop on my little list was WalMart.  I parked the Explorer and was about to walk to the door when I spotted an awesome sight.

Quick, Ben! Grab my camera!

Ben delivered my camera to me, then raced off to the store, possibly being humiliated by his mother’s nonsense! I did hear him murmur something about needing to check my camera bag in at cutomer service, though.

I nonchalantly walked along the parking lot, nearly becoming one with the pavement when a car came a little too close for comfort!  That’s okay, though, as my photos shot in darkness with snow falling like crazy turned out pretty well!

horse waiting outside walmart.small

horse waiting outside walmart 2.small

Now, it wasn’t late at night, but man, oh MAN! I wouldn’t want to be driving a horse and buggy on the big highway in Canandaigua in a snowstorm on a cold night!  I really was shocked!

I went inside the store.  When the greeter looked toward my camera bag, I pulled the cover back, revealing my camera.  I merely smiled and told her I didn’t want to leave it in the car.  She nodded and said she wouldn’t leave it, either!

I picked up all the things I needed and went to the checkout.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw a young couple with a wee baby heading towards the horse and buggy.  It was unclear to me if they were Plain Mennonite or Amish, but boy did they boogie on out of the parking lot quickly!

So, what did I learn?  Well, shame on me for grumbling about going out today. After all, I don’t have to hitch up a horse and buggy!!! I have a warm vehicle with heat and lights and all the conveniences I need!  We won’t talk about the little ABS light that beamed at me as we basically SLID down the hill and into our driveway, making it home safe and sound, though…..