Weather Roller Coaster in Full Swing!

This morning,  we awakened to snow. It was still dark when I took the Scottie boys out and as I stood outside with them,  the snow switched over to rain.  Yuck. 

Michelle had a class this afternoon, so I got ready to take her.  As the Explorer slithered down the driveway, it was more like a ride on a sled than a vehicle with tires.  We slid our way down, ABS brakes pulsating all the way!

As soon as we were down off the driveway, things were looking up.  The roads were clear and fine for travel.  I dropped Michelle at college, then went for a little ride in the country.

three winter ponies.small

beautiful winter scene,small

I love the little snowman outside the Mennonite school…..

happy winter scene.small

I decided to just sit and relax for a little while, so I drove back to Canandaigua and parked at a plaza.  As I sat there feeling warm and cozy in the Explorer,  the rain came down in torrents!

raindrops on my windshield.small

Just a little later, the sun tried so hard to poke through the clouds…..

sun trying to break through nasty clouds.small

I picked Michelle up from her class and then we headed over to Taco Bell, as she had a hankering for a potato burrito. As I stopped at the light,  I decided to try to photograph the Canandaigua Federal Credit Union’s display of lights.  They always have the most colorful display of all!

taken at the stop light through windshield in the dark.small

Not too shabby for being taken through the windshield!

I am truly loving the Nikon D-90.  What more can I say? 

Michelle had to make a trip to the library to return some materials she borrowed.  We drove across town and she returned her stuff.  As we began our trip home,  I pulled over at one of the churches downtown.  I just love their Good Shepherd stained glass window, and you have no idea how thrilled I was to get a fairly good capture!

my favorite stained glass window in canandaigua.small

A rather diverse collection of photos today!


The kids worked on schoolwork in the morning,  planning to go shopping at the mall later in the afternoon.  This worked well for Mark and me, as we needed a few basic things that we could pick up at BJ’s in Victor.  It is right near the mall, so we could do both things efficiently!

As we passed the mountain on our way,  they were busy making snow. 

yesterday at the mountain.small

Surprise, surprise….there really is a person skiing in that photo!

frosted pines.small

forced snow on the hill.small

What a funny sight this is….great patches of green amidst the fluffy white!

making the base.small

The kids did their shopping and Mark and I hopped on over to BJ’s.  Afterward, we had Tom Wahl’s burgers for dinner. As we sat in the truck,  the “real stuff” began falling!

the real stuff falling.small

As we passed the mountain in the dark,  the green patches were closing up and disappearing!

scenery changes with real snow.small

Tonight, we are under a weather alert with a messy mix of snow, sleet, and rain.  The news has informed us that power companies are on alert as well, since this dreadful mix might just do some damage.  Goodness, it is one thing for humans to be indecisive,  but the weather?